2 Options Tell You How to Break Windows Password Efficiently

Have you ever forgotten your Windows account password? If you have then you may already know how painful the password recovery process can be. And many people also think to break Windows password after it is forgotten is an incredible thing.


Thankfully, there is a good chance for Windows users including those who are not very tech-aware to find Windows password easily. In this article several efficient ways to fix Windows password forgotten problem will be displayed.


2 efficient options for troubleshooting Windows password forgotten problem

Note: All these 2 options will be suitable for any Windows operating system, and you can choose any one of them to meet your needs.


Option One: Break Windows Password in Safe Mode.

Many people may often overlook or even do not know the built-in Windows Administrator account. This default admin does exist, but it is just hidden. Then if you have forgotten the password for the normal account on your computer, you then can recover it by login the default admin. Below are the steps to unlock Windows password with this default admin:


Step1: As the computer is booting, you hold your “F8” key which will bring up the “Windows Advanced Options Menu”.

Step2: Use the arrow keys to move to “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” and press “Enter” key.

Step3: Windows Safe Mode is loading. A logon screen displays all OS user names, you then click the “Administrator” account and leave its password box blank. Then hit Enter, you will get in safe mode.

Step5: After entering the Safe Mode, you can see the Windows command prompt. Here you type net user and press Enter to list all the user names on your PC. Next type net user xyz 123 and press Enter later.

(Note: xyz means your password forgotten account, 123 means a new password you set for it.)

Step6: You now can log in with this newly password-changed account successfully.



Option one is base on the condition that Windows built-in Administrator is not password protected. Since this built-in admin is hidden without a password by default, then how to find Windows password if the built-in admin is also password protected? Now, move to Option Two:


Option Two: Break Windows password with a credible Windows password Breaker—Windows Password Reset .

Here’s how this tool works:

Step1: Download Windows Password Reset and install it to another working computer properly.

Step2: Insert a blank and writable CD/DVD to the computer, and then click “Burn CD” button to start burning an ISO image file to the CD/DVD.

Step3: After finishing the burning, remove the CD/DVD from the computer and then insert it to the locked computer.

Step4: Set the locked computer boot from CD/DVD in BIOS.

Step5: Reset the forgotten Windows password with burned CD/DVD.


Tip: After the Windows password finding process finishes, please keep the burned CD/DVD well in case you would use it in the future.

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