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Facebook Hacker Limited Hacks

Password hacking is the process of recovering passwords from data which has been stored in or transmitted by a computer system. A common approach is to repeatedly try guesses to the password

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Internet and the Terrorism

Is the internet being used by terrorists? It is widely believed that the internet is being used by terrorist groups. With recent attacks, investigators and the news media have reported this may be the case.

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Make the Sick Internet Better

What do you think happens when you connect your computer to the Internet? In less than an hour, it may not be yours anymore. While you’re Googling your name and checking e-mail, a hacker, perhaps in Eastern Europe-let’s call him Ivan-quietly takes over your machine.

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7 steps to make PC safe from hackers

It’s the start of a brand-spanking new year and the opportunity to start right with a fresh slate. This applies to your computer as well.

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Online security: So many passwords, so many risks

Let’s face it: The Internet is a great convenience, but all those user names and passwords can be a cumbersome pain in the caboose. You’ve got work e-mail and home e-mail, then all the online accounts for the bank, a credit card or two, maybe a mortgage and the utilities.

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