Block websites on your PC

Broadband Internet connectivity is so common these days that almost no one has a second thought about the connection to the Internet. Connecting is easy, but what will need if you’ve used to control or restrict how your Internet connection?

Sure enough, widespread availability of unlimited, flat rate Internet connections has its advantages. But what the Contras? Everyone is these days about how fast your connection is. Fast and unlimited maybe great for most home users, but this is not necessarily the same for environments to work or study, public places or certain age groups.

The Internet provides enough threats like spyware and viruses make you want to restrict access to specific resources. A virus can damage or destroy data on your PC, so you for days to restore data. Spyware steals your personal information and will slow down your computer, making it a pain to work. While it is usually possible to fix a PC with spyware and viruses, contaminated it is much safer and easier, to prevent the infection in the first place – restricting the browser the list of known, secure Web sites.

Restrict browsing the Internet in Internet Explorer on the safe list with Ashkon defined software WebAllow! WebAllow to prevent infections, by electronic block access to all selected but preapproved sites in Internet Explorer to protect your computer from spyware and viruses. When a user attempts on your computer, they are a website that access to the allow list, on a webpage of choice redirected it to inform policy about your access control.

While viruses and spyware enough sound familiar to Internet threats are limited. The Internet provides a variety of resources, not always appropriate for your audience. Online computer games can be good for children, but they can staff to occupy the attention in an Office. Online chat, forums and blogs are popular with students and staff, occupy their time and take away their studies or their work – time.

Finally, while certain sites can suitable for adults these same bodies are not likely you’ll smile when accessed by your children because of gross language or obscene content. Use WebAllow at home for everyone, but to block kid safe sites on your home PC. Use it at your Office waste to prevent your employees their time playing computer games, chat or forum messages read breakdown. Use the same product in the school, college or university students attention on their study only access their online teaching materials to focus on.

Access install in a shop or a library WebAllow and enable your customers, your book or product catalog and nothing else. Let your computer users abuse the Internet with WebAllow! After the installation is configured by the administrator just to WebAllow and impossible to disable or uninstall, by regular users. It embeds Internet Explorer and it being impossible, visit Web sites other than defined. WebAllow is light on labour and hard disk space and is ideal to each computer type of powerful workstations on public computers with little memory and disk use.

Once configured, WebAllow requires absolutely zero administration and runs completely unattended. WebAllow will improve your personal privacy and computer security, protect your kids, increase employee performance and motivate students. Download evaluation copy for free at

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