How to easily and safely change Windows password

How do I change Windows admin password on my computer, I’ve lost the password and want to change it without losing any data. This problem come to our attention very often, and it does occurs between you and me just because overlook writing down the complex password. Now, the post will show you how to easily change Windows password without data loss.

1. Safe Mode

This method may works if you didn’t reset the default admin account password. During our windows system installation, it creates a default admin account without password. So how do I use safe mode to change Windows password, below is the detail.

Restart your computer or laptops, keep pressing F8 before windows loads, then you will be able to go to safe mode, the default account appears in the log in screen, click that account, you will enter the system, you are allowed to go to control panel to change your other account password.

2. Password changer disk


Windows Password Reset Disk is really a great help if you want to change your lost password within minutes. This disk can be created with a CD or USB device for the current account. If you are unlucky, forgot windows password, you can use the disk to solve the problem.

Step 1: Start computer with your account, Plug in your password reset disk , in the log in screen, Click Reset password…… it will show you the Password Reset Wizard then Click NEXT and select the disk drive to change Windows  password to a new one.


But you should know that, password reset disk only use in a certain account which you have created before, or it won’t help. So it’s better to create a password reset disk when you add a password to account.

3 .Password recovery program

Fail in safe mode to change your password? Don’t have a windows password reset disk? Well, there is still no need to worry about your problems if both of the above tips be of no use. No need to reinstall Windows, no need for complex computer knowledge, here is the easiest method to change Windows password quickly.


Below is the step-by-step guide for you to see how it works:

Step 1: You need to access any other available computer or laptop, prepare a blank CD.


Step 2: Download Windows Password Key Enterprise and install the program. Run the program , select change local account password, Tick burn the image file to CD/DVD, specify the location of you CD drive. Click “Burn” to burn a Windows password reset CD.


Step 3: Now turn to your computer, Boot up the computer with the newly created CD, and you will see the program starts working. Then a black doc will appear, choose the right number to change Windows Password.


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