How to Crack Forgotten Dell Windows 7 Password

In the rapidly development society, nearly everybody has a computer. Or, more specifically, almost every family has one or two computers. My family was no exception. With the development of computers, there exist many computer brands. Such as Dell, Asus, Samsung, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP, Mac etc.

Of these famous computer brands, I have no way to tell you which my favourite is. If I have enough dollars I would like to buy a new Dell laptop. However, as a matter of fact, I don’t. So I bought a second hand Dell laptop last week. I thought I could save more money to invest. But I was wrong.


The second hand Dell laptop with Windows 7 operating system has a password on it, which is forgotten by the original owner. I had tried to contact with him but he said he really forgot Windows 7 password totally, unless he would not sell it.

Therefore, I attempted to ask for the solutions from some q and a websites, hoping to gain some advice on how to crack Windows 7 password quickly. And here are the answers I summarize:

Alternative One: Crack Windows 7 password With Dell Windows 7 password reset disk

The easiest way to recover from a lost password situation is to use a password reset disk. If you have a reset disk, follow these steps:

Step 1: At the Windows logon screen, click Reset password.

Step 2: Insert the recovery diskette or USB key.

Step 3: Follow the instructions on-screen to create a new password.

Step 4: Log on the account using your new password.

Note: Password reset disks are valid for the account they were created on. If you use a password reset disk to recover your password, you do not need to create a new reset disk afterwards.

Alternative Two: Crack Dell Windows 7 password With Third-party Software

Of these hundreds of third-party software, I prefer SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Standard. There are five reasons to support my opinion:

1. Reset Windows local user password without any current password.

2. Reset Windows active directory (domain) user password without any password.

3. Efficient and reliable – reset Windows password instantly.

4. 100% security guaranteed – do not lose any data.

5. 100% recovery rate and easy to use.

Here is how to use SmartKey Windows Password Recovery?

Step 1: Download and install it from

Step 2: Run it to create Windows 7 Password Recovery disk with CD/DVD/USB flash drive.


Step 3: Crack Windows 7 password by just one click.

Really easy to use as it shows, I believe this product can help me solve my current problem. By the way, I found that it supports Windows 8 password recovery as well. So if you need to reset Windows 8 password, you can try it.

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