I Forgot My Windows 7 Password How to Crack or Unlock It

It seems that Microsoft Inc has been in business, in one form or another for 37 years. In the last years, Microsoft brought us myths one by one, which is from the first Windows operating system to recent Windows 8 operating system. Although in fierce competition in the Internet market, it has many competitors such as Google and Apple, but we can’t ignore that it really made great contribution to the computers. While so far people still talk up the hot Windows 8 operating system, I would like to discuss the Windows 7 here.

Microsoft Windows 7 operating system seems to be the well-known operating system in the social life, I remembered that in those days a lot of persons chose Windows 7 instead of Windows XP because they like new products and also the Windows XP is so old that it needs a succedaneum. In that year nearly all of the computer manufacturers change their OS to Windows 7, which result in the consumers rarely see a laptop or desktop runs in Windows XP. From this phenomenon it is hardly surprising that the Windows 8 is becoming so hot.


Even so, I believe that Windows 7 still occupy the large proportion in the market on account of the users are still interested in Windows Seven. And for Windows Seven there is always exist a problem, many users forgot password Windows 7 by accident and looking for the solution to crack it. So how can we do this? Here I suggest a method for you.

How to Unlock Windows 7 administrator password? I think SmartKey Windows Password Recovery can do that. It is a powerful third party Windows password reset tool and it supports not only Windows 7 but also Windows XP, Windows 8 and even the Windows Vista and Windows Server. It has become the best Windows 7 password cracker and you can’t miss it to unlock Windows 7 password of your locked computer. See how to use it as below.

Step 1: Download SmartKey Windows Password Recovery and install it.

You can’t download it from your locked computer, so you have to spare no effort to find out another accessible laptop or desktop to download it from http://goo.gl/z6IaW and then install it in the laptop or desktop.

Step 2: Burn it as a Windows 7 password reset disk.

Preparing a blank CD/DVD/USB, if your CD/DVD/USB is not blank, make sure that the inside data is not necessary or you have backup all of them. After install it you have to double click the product icon and burn it to the CD/DVD/USB flash drive.

Step3: Crack Windows 7 password successfully.

How to unlock password on Win 7 now? Use this CD/DVD/USB drive to crack your locked Windows 7 password and restart your computer. Then you can access your computer successfully.

It is really a very simple and easy to use method! Still wondering how to find password on Windows 7? Try this method right now! If you have better suggestion, welcome to share it with me and comment it?

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