Crack Windows XP Login Password with 2 Useful Utilities

crack xp passwordMicrosoft first released its Windows XP operating system in 2001. It has since been replaced with newer version of Windows Vista, Windows 7/8. But now the XP version is still widely used and it won’t die in the near future.

Although Windows XP has been released for 10 years, many users out there still have no idea how to crack XP admin password when they forgot XP user login password. Once they find they lost access to their XP computer, some of them would choose reinstall the operating system with XP installation disc. Also pretty many people would send their machine to a PC repair center.

Actually, there are far easier ways to solve XP password forgotten problem – break Windows XP password with Ophcrack LiveCD or Windows Password Reset tool. Both Ophcrack LiveCD and Windows Password Reset are useful Windows XP password cracking utilities. Technically speaking, they are third-party applications designed to recover all forgotten passwords for Windows operating systems. In the following, I will introduce how these tools to use.

1.Ophcrack LiveCD.

Type Ophcrack in any search engine, you will easily find there is lots of information about this program. Why is it so popular?

a. It is a free software program to hack XP user password.

b. It is by far the best utility to crack password among freeware.

How to crack XP admin password with Ophcrack LiveCD?
Step1: Free download the Ophcrack LiveCD software.
Step2: Burn the ISO file of Ophcrack LiveCD to a disk.
Step3: The Ophcrack LiveCD disk you just burned is a “bootable” disc. So bring this disk to the computer which you cannot get in to and then set this PC boot from the burned disk.
Step4: The burned disk will crack passwords for all user accounts created on your XP PC automatically.
Limitations of Ophcrack LiveCD:

a. Cracking Windows password would not succeed in all times.

b. Cracking Windows passwords exceeding 14 characters or numbers won’t be available with this program.

2. Windows Password Reset

Compared with Ophcrack LiveCD, Windows Password Reset is charged but far more professional that Ophcrack. Users can quickly and effectively crack Windows password with this program in spite of complexity or length of the password. Then why do we choose Windows Password Reset?

a. It is cheap but it has very powerful functions to complicated and long Windows password.

b. Very simple operation with intuitive interface makes it available for both professionals and computer novices.

Then how to crack Windows XP password with Windows Password Reset? You may ask. It’s quite easy, like Ophcrack, with very 4 easy steps only. Now, you can try to use Windows Password Reset to hack your XP login password easily!

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