Don’t Trust in Fake Facebook Password Reset! It’s a Rogue!

Facebook isn’t going to leave the position of the most popular social networking site on the web. Therefore, it will keep attracting cyber criminals who are always very creative in finding ways how to deceive computer users.

This time the campaign was directed towards sending email messages with attached zip file. The subject of the message states: “Facebook password has been changed.” Facebook users get an email in which it is stated that in order to retrieve the password for your account, you need to open the file.

Image 1. Fke Email for the Passoword Reset on Facebook

The zip file attached contains an icon for a pdf document. However, keep in mind that this file is misleading and is an executable file for Windows. As soon as the unaware PC user double-clicks on the attachemnt, the rogue anti-virus software is installed on the computer.

The rest of the steps taken are just like an ordinary rogue antivirus application. First, the rogue installed starts threatening computer users with the simulated scans of the computer, then it provides you the the scan results which are always the same: a number of infections detected. In order to remove them, you must purchase the so-called full version of the application.

However, don’t ever trust these cyber criminals. Once you click on the attachment and the rogueware is installed on your machine, your computer will be damaged and you will have lots of troubles removing it. Thus keep away from this fake password reset.

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