Contact Information – Part 2 of Full guide to Facebook security / privacy

Contact Information

Part 2 of Full guide to Facebook security / privacy

When Facebook changed their privacy settings, the part of your profile that governs contact information, such as IM, Phone, address, Website, Hometown, and Email, were moved to a separate section.

You have the same level of access, as in the profile do everyone, only friends, friends of friends, or custom. Configure go to this section, avoid any option for the best privacy, use you only select everyone, if you are positive to see the entire Web are ok this information. Again, as the case was under the profile, there for you to use a preview link in the top right that can the information available at any given time to see other Facebook users.

Search Related Privacy Management

Search privacy on Facebook is covered in the Facebook help section, but again, there is a cross section of old and new information. Like other sections, this too was altered when Facebook updated their privacy controls.

In this section, you can select who can view your profile as a result of a search on Facebook, and either deny or allow your public profile to be indexed on search engines. As is the case in other sections, there is a preview button to use as well.

As you can see in the image above, I have allowed the option for Everyone to search for me through Facebook’s search options. I’ve also allowed a public search listing, meaning you can see me if you searched on Google for example.

You can select Everyone, meaning anyone registered on Facebook, Friends of Friends, or Only Friends as options when setting Search privacy options.

What options to select

When it comes to what options to select, you should consider if you even want to appear in searches.

The default is for everyone to find this includes the recommended function where the people are recommended to something for you in the search. If everyone is selected, then you recommended finding and appear as a person who probably is different. To stop this, change the setting view only.

They should be aware that friends always able to find you as looking, since you should add it. If you don’t mind, that appear in search results or listings, recommended, then you can leave the visibility at all. The public search listing is entirely optional prevent that to search engines, disable this option to lists.

Full guide to Facebook security / privacy

1: Basic Privacy Management

2: Contact Information and Search Related Privacy Management

3: Application Privacy

4: Miscellaneous Facebook Security and Privacy tips and tricks

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