Facebook Password Decryptor, unofficial Facebook password recovery tool

Facebook Password Decryptor recovers your lost Facebook password from most Internet browsers and messengers, this free Windows tool is fully portable and it can be run anywhere, it has been designed for good users whom have truly forgotten their Facebook password but of course the tool can also be misused by unscrupulous Government agents or Alqaeda terrorists.

In order to recover your lost Facebook password all you need to do is start the application and click on the Start Recovery button, Facebook Password Decryptor will then scan the computer for supported applications that have stored the Facebook password and show it to you in a table.

Facebook Password Decryptor

Facebook Password Decryptor attempts to install Real Player during installation, you can cancel this safely unchecking the tickbox, the software will still work.

Privacy loving people should stay out of all social sites or fill it in with fake data in the first place, but if are using Facebook and want to avoid someone hacking your account with this tool, then be clever enough not to access it at public computers like libraries and Internet cafés.

Visit Facebook Password Decryptor homepage

  1. i need to open my facebook account

  2. I need my password for facebook

  3. I need a new password. My old on dont work

  4. I need my password I forgot my password please help and email it to me thanks

  5. Eu preciso da minha senha Esqueci minha senha por favor me ajude.

  6. :cry: I really need my Facebook password I completely forgot it D: please help thanks ( email it to me if u can please xx)

  7. ☺i cant log into my fb account every time i tried to log in it always mark this account is already confirm what should i do??? plz help me

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