Facebook Password Reset Confirmation Scam

Popular software programs and online services are more likely to be targeted by malicious users than less popular services. Facebook is currently the most popular social networking service on the Internet and security experts are noticing increased attacks on the network and its users.

Several security companies are currently warning their users about a widespread scam that is targeting Facebook users per email.

The attackers are currently sending out emails that claim that the Facebook password has been changed and that a new password can be found in an attached document.

Facebook Password Reset Confirmation! Customer SupportDear user of Facebook,

Because of the measures taken to provide safety to our clients, your password has been changed.
You can find your new password in attached document.

The Facebook Team.

Experienced users will quickly realize that the email is a scam. There are several indicators for this. Indicators are the non personal tone of the message (no name is mentioned in the email), the email attachment and the fact that Facebook will never send out emails that automatically reset password.

facebook password reset confirmation

Both McAfee and Sophos have put out warnings about the scam. The attachment’s name is Facebook_details_.zip. It contains a trojan and should therefor not be opened by the user. McAfee reports that the trojan steals computer

passwords from the PC when it is executed and not blocked by security software.

Facebook users should take a look at our Facebook Login security information for further tips on how to improve the security on the network. (via Download Squad)

  1. Jignesh Mehta

    My facebook password dosent work inspite of changing it n number of time and still it ask me leaving a message as wrong password now i cant even open it from my alternate email id kindly advise how this issue can be resolved

  2. Sir i forgot my password

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