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Surfing sites not managed to kill productivity. And your computer and the network is open to attack if malicious sites to visit. It is therefore important to network to access Web sites in your. Blocking of websites can be done in different ways. This includes using the free software and some system settings window. There are even many plug-ins for browsers such as Firefox, and the lock can be limited pages.

This tutorial will guide you to block access to websites and in 4 species.

1 host.cfg

“Local Disk (C:)> WINDOWS> System32> Drivers> etc” a configuration file be named host.cfg The Hosts file contains the mappings of IP. host names to addresses. This file in the memory is loaded at startup, Windows checks the Hosts file before querying DNS server so that they replace the addresses in the DNS. This prevents access to sites by redirecting any connection tries again listed on the local (your) machine.
you can “notepad.exe”, edit the Hosts file example
-. The following entry blocked all files by that DoubleClick Server to the Web page you view delivered.


OpenDNS OpenDNS DNS resolution for consumers and businesses as an alternative to using servers at your ISP offers DNS blocked. By collecting a list of hazardous sites OpenDNS to access these pages when the user tries to access through their service.
OpenDNS allows you to block and filter sites with 50 + categories. OpenDNS offers also features the white list and black list for you to create exceptions (“always allow” and “always block”) to the category based on filtering.

To the OpenDNS service, you have your DNS server settings manually.

For more information, please visit

3 Router, Firewall or UTM

If you a router or a high-performance UTM appliance have, you can also search filter setup on it.
For more information on the UTM solution, please visit http://www.

4 Internet filtering products

You can also Internet filtering for web-filtering products. An Internet-filtering product can be deployed on your network, and allows you to monitor, filter and block Internet activities of all computers in a port-mirroring.
Other Web filtering, Internet filtering products block and block file downloads, P2P traffic and block mail.

For the solution of Internet filtering software, you can try “WFilter Enterprise”

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