How to Find Out Forgotten Excel Password

When we mentioned Microsoft Excel, different people have different responses of it. Some may talk about what his best version of Excel is. Some may discuss what the Excel can be used for. The others may ask for how to password protect his Excel password.

As a matter of fact, what do you know about Excel? Does it only mean to make a lot of spreadsheets? Of course the answer is exactly no. To be honest, we just used Excel in almost 10 percent. Microsoft Excel usually been used at work. When the month ends, your manager may ask the accountancy for a financial statement. This statement will be emerged in Excel.


What’s more, considering the trade secret, some enterprises set up a password in the Excel. This is certainly right and we cannot emphasize the importance of protecting commercial secrets too much. It will bring much economic benefits for the company.

However, we don’t exclude the possibility of forgetting the encrypted passwords. Since there are so many things happen every day, to lose Excel password is not impossible. So how can we avoid this risk after we forgot Excel password by accident? How to find password of Microsoft Excel? This is what I really talk about. You can refer the information I have collected as below:

Method 1: No Free Way

To tell you the truth, if you would like to find out any free method to rescue your lost Excel password, there is none. There is no way to open a password-protected workbook other than by using the password with which it is protected. This behavior was designed to ensure the privacy of the program user. So you had better remember your Excel password deeply and never lose it.

Method 2: Password Recovery Program

You can download any software from the Internet that has the ability to unlock Excel password at any time. recommends a program that proves effective at unlocking Microsoft passwords: Excel Password Recovery.

Forgot Excel password and cannot open the encrypted file? Excel Password Recovery can effectively recover lost or forgotten password from encrypted MS Office Excel 97-2010 files through Brute-force attack, Brute-attack with Mask attack and Dictionary attack.

Brute-force Attack – Try all possible password combinations to get back MS Excel password.
Brute-force Attack with Mask – Greatly reduce the recovery time by specifying the forgotten password length, character set, etc.
Dictionary Attack – Recover lost Excel password by trying the password combinations in the built-in (default) dictionary or a self-created dictionary in various languages.

SmartKey Excel Password Recovery is a popular Excel password recovery tool that can recover Excel open password from Excel 97 to Excel 2010, and allows you to easily speed up Excel 2010 password recovery by making full use of GPU and CPU.

Here is the step-by-step guide:
Step 1: Download Excel Password Recovery and install it.
Step 2: Click Open and select the file you need.
Step 3: Choose an attack type.
Step 4: Attack settings.
Step 5: Click Start on the taskbar to recover password.

These are the only two methods I have known, if you have any other good ideas about how to find out forgotten Excel password, welcome to leave a comment and share it with me.

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