Forgot your Windows XP Password?

A frightening blog post by One Man’s blog revealed that it would only take 11.9 seconds for a hacker to uncover an all-lower-case, five-character password for your Windows or web accounts.  Or, if you vary the case, it would take about 2.5 hours.  However, should you use an 11 character password with random characters (lower case, upper case, numbers, symbols, etc.) it would take hacker over a century to break in.

Users who forgot their Windows XP password often cling to changing their password to something short and memorable so there will be no more memory lapses.  In addition, people who forgot their XP passwords might use the same password over and over – a very unsafe practice.  But experts counsel that the longer and more random the password the safer a user will be.

For people who forgot their XP password can use password recovery software to help them recover the forgotten XP password.

How Password Recovery Software Works

1.       First download the software.  At that point, the software will copy all the necessary files and help you generate a bootable CD or USB flash drive.

2. Next you will install the CD or USB flash drive and it will locate all of the Windows accounts (both administrator and user) and reset all the forgotten Windows XP passwords.

3.       When that process is complete, you may reboot the computer, log on without a password and retrieve your important data.

4.       Then you can reset your Windows XP password

Most password recovery software works with all Windows platforms in addition to Windows XP such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows NT and even Windows 2000.  Once you have downloaded the software,  you can use the disk you create as many times as you desire and access your forgotten XP passwords.

Visit the Forgot XP Password website in order to download the step by step instructions on how to recover your lost Windows password.

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