Free methods to reset your account password on Windows 8

It seems that Windows 8 has been something of a failure in the aspect of the sale . But Microsoft will not leave him alone and abandoned. He works hard on Windows 8.1 and I hope that the results with us in its developer conference , 26 June shares on the one hand, we expect the best Windows 8 operating system, on the other hand, we have to solve the current problems of Windows 8 for users who have Windows 8 installed .

What kind of problem do you have for Windows 8 ? This may be the connection problem. Yes , many users of Windows 8 to create a password to your personal computer Windows 8 but have no idea how to unlock when you have forgotten or lost login passwords. It is more often that the users increase .

Password login Windows 8 is like the key to your house. Without the key , you can not in your home. You should have a locksmith to ask for help if you do not have backup key at the door or another key to your family. This is the same theory that without the password , no way to make your Windows computer, you must open 8 . So how do you resolve your Windows 8 password reset? You should an efficient method to try to unlock it .


But which method is effectively called ? If you do some research on the internet , you will find a program – Windows password recovery! It is a professional tool to recover Windows password and not only supports Windows 8, but Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and other Windows operating systems.

Therefore, if you have 8 lost or forgotten your password by accident Windows, you could also try to use this effective program to free reset Windows 8 password. Strictly speaking, the steps of using this software are also quite easy . You can follow below:

Step 1 : Download this software legally, and install it on another computer accessible.
Step 2 : Open the tool and add a flash drive , burn it as a disk password reset Windows password recovery application Windows password forgotten.
Step 3: Remove the disc and then take the machine locked . You will see the software running on your PC .
Step 4: Select the Windows installation , then also check the account that you forgot the password. Then click on the Reset button. In a moment , the Windows program will win 8 password for you .

It is quite easy to do . Everything you need to prepare , is another accessible computer , flash drive, and networking . More details on Windows 8 reset your password and how to forget the password of Windows 8, you can change Windows Password Recovery.

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