Full guide to Facebook security / privacy

The following primer will address the security and privacy settings both offered and seemingly excluded by Facebook. After reading, you should understand the basics for securing and controlling the privacy of your Facebook account, as well as a fundamental grasp of why proper privacy management on Facebook is important.


Currently 350 million people with Facebook, and start as more and more people who use social networking portal to use more and more criminals will use it as a valuable source of income and information. Criminals are attracted to large groups, and social networking is a gold mine of routes of infection, if the criminal wants to spread malware, or obtaining information, if the criminal wants to buy and sell information.

Facebook has malware attacks via links or malicious applications, phishing, in turn, spread across applications and posted links, and common robbery, where the people pretending to send money to someone, a friend are tricked seen distributed. How do you protect yourself on Facebook, without being, is available?

Facebook has a built-in privacy settings. This should help you personal data and your account by thugs, up to no good. However, is the problem that Facebook is growing, and are often new features at the expense of safety. Most Facebook users are the basic privacy but don’t know how the advanced features to manage.

Only the problem please aggravated the recent changes. Facebook has a decent help section that discusses many aspects of data protection and security features. But are not too detail in some respects, what could be Facebook feels overload a user with too much information can be bad. If so, they would be correct. However, sometimes more is better than partial information. Proper management privacy important is is based on the information shared on Facebook every day by their users.

Personal data will be over written without a second thought. But can the same information if they together sewn over time to lead a whole dossier about a person. Thinking because, if you post online, it there will stay. So the note or you update wrote two or more years on Facebook can down the line used for something completely unexpected.

As an example, if someone wanted to impersonate you on Facebook, how hard would it be for them to gather enough information to guess your password? If they access your Facebook account by guessing the password, how many other sites are using that same password? Is this risk acceptable to you?

What kind of damage could be done if someone knows your full name, place of birth, current location, email address, family names, birthdates, schools attended, etc.? These are examples of information The Tech Herald recently collected simply by reading Notes posted by Facebook users, as discussed in a previous article.

The following pages will outline the various Facebook privacy settings and how to use them, as well as what they mean for you. If you want to skip around, the index below will help.

Full guide to Facebook security / privacy

1: Basic Privacy Management

2: Contact Information and Search Related Privacy Management

3: Application Privacy

4: Miscellaneous Facebook Security and Privacy tips and tricks

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