Good idea to Send out flash content via the Media Server?

Question : About Flash Media Server?

Question : About Flash Media Server?
I am looking for feedback on the performance impact of Adobe’s flash media server on low bandwidth accss.

We are giving some thought to deliver flash content via the media server. However, we are not certain about the impact on the client with low speed internet access.

Does anyone have any insight about this?

Is it a good ideal to send out flash content via the media server? Any ideal about how such configuration can impact the experience of the end-users with low bandwidth internet access such as dial-up?

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Answer by kaboomadvertising
Well one of the points of the flash media server is to stream flash video. When concerning yourself with low bandwidth access, the answer is providing multiple versions of your video encoded at different settings. You’ll want to encode a video for low bandwidth/dial-up and then another for broadband. Another thing to keep in mind is how well the server you are using will hold up to streaming that video. So then you have the server the video is sitting on in conjunction with the dial-up connection.

Most people with dial-up are not going to enjoy the video experience. It will be painful, the quality won’t be great but it can be done.

A third option is providing a medium quality video for them to download. If someone really wants to watch the video and they can’t stream it, they will download it.

Finally, you’ll need a way for people to choose between low/high quality and a download option if that is something you wish to offer. The company I used to work for encoded for low/med/high quality and we also offered QT, RP and WM. For flash streaming they use Vital Stream.

Good luck, there are a lot of variables that go into successfully offering enjoyable video on the internet but the good news is more and more people are using broadband instead of dial-up.

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