How to Hack Windows 7 Password on Administrator/User Account?

“I forgot my windows 7 administrator password of my Dell laptop. I have tried many software to hack Windows 7 login password, but those software cannot detect my windows. My hard drives are installed on a Raid Controller adapter, and the Raid mode is set to Raid 5. My windows 7 is installed on Raid storage. Anybody can help me hack Windows 7 password?”

- Hello, Windows Password Recovery Tool can help you hack password Windows 7 if lost or forgot.

“Forgot administrator password Windows 7, and have no password reset disk. I need your help to help me solve the problem. My laptop does not have a CD/DVD-ROM, so I need your advise on hacking windows 7 password with USB drive.”

- Hi, Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional can help you hack or recover windows 7 password with USB flash drive. Just get it and have a try.

Hack Windows 7 Administrator/User Password With Windows Password Recovery Tool

First download Windows Password Recovery Tool from  and burn it to CD /DVD or USB Memory Stick, then totally hack windows 7 password using the CD /DVD or USB Memory Stick. Run Windows Password Recovery Tool on any computer you can get(Not the locked one).

I. Burn Windows Password Recovery Tool to Compact disc/DVD/USB.
(1) Open Windows Password Recovery Tool and select a device to lose to.
(2) Click “Burn” button to begin burning. Burning effectively completed, click OK.
(3) Totally hack forgotten windows 7 password or create new account without login.

Place the Compact disc/DVD or USB Memory Stick and reboot your locked win 7 computer. Alter the PC’s setting as well in the Compact disc/DVD or USB. And you will begin to see the interface of Windows Password Recovery Tool.

II: Hack forgotten or lost windows 7 Password
1. Click a person account for example administrator from list, then click “Totally reset password” after which click “Yes”.
2. Windows 7 user or administrator password is going to be effectively hacked instantly. You can now click “Reboot” to restart your pc and login windows 7 without password.

This Windows 7 password hacker trick are completely safe and easy to use. Never need to reinstall Windows if you forgot Windows 7 password.

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