Help you reset forgotten Windows 7 password

If you forgot Windows 7 password, you can not only use a Windows password reset disk, but also use some easy and useful Windows 7 commands to reset it. Followings are simple guides for your forgot Windows 7 password recovery or reset with commands, you can make full use of the commands lusrmgr.msc and Control userpasswords2.

Tips 1: Use command lusrmgr.msc

Lusrmgr.msc is a helpful command if you forgot Windows 7 password. When you press Enter after entering lusrmgr.msc in the Start search box, it will pop up the Local Users and Groups screen. Double-click the Users folder to view all users of your Windows 7 machine. Then you can easily reset a forgot Windows 7 password by right-clicking its user name to select Set Password.

Note: You can also enter the Local Users and Groups by clicking Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > System Tools > Local Users and Groups

Tips 2: Use command control userpasswords2

Control userpasswords2 can help you open the classic User Accounts dialog, where you can change the forgot Windows 7 password, and enable Windows 7 auto logon.

Please be aware of that the text search box in the start menu cannot recognize Control userpasswords2. To use the command control userpasswords2, you need to press Win Key and R key together to open the Run box and input the Control userpasswords2 in it.

When you hit Enter, the classic User Accounts dialog will come up. You’ll find all the users for the computer are displayed on it. Just select the target user name and then click the Reset Password button to reset the forgotten password.

Note: If you want to skip the logon screen whenever you log on to computer, you can uncheck the box that Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer, select the User Name and click Apply button to enable auto logon for this selected account.

Efficient Windows Password Recovery Software

Please note when you forgot Win7 password and cannot access computer again, the above commands will now work for you. At that time, you may restore to Windows password recovery software, which is the best solution when you forgot Windows password (Of course, you can also use a Windows password reset disk if you have, or reinstall computer if nothing important on your Win 7 machine).

Here we strongly suggest you try Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0, which allows you to create a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive to remove unknown or forgotten Win7 password in only 4 steps.

  1. Download Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0.
  2. Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive with the program.
  3. Boot from CD/DVD or USB.
  4. Remove forgotten Windows 7 password.

Now you can log on your Windows 7 again with no password, it’s so easy and efficient for you to reset forgot Windows 7 password with no data loss, saves you much more time and trouble.

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