How inkjet printers?

Given the progress the technology in the last thirty years has taken, it is surprising that the inkjet printer is only a  ho-Huma? Type of object

Given the progress the technology in the last thirty years has taken, it is surprising that the inkjet printer is only a  ho-Huma? Type of object. The inkjet printer has it been since the early 1980a? S, but needs a little fine tuning to make progress, more money for the average user. Since that time, the 1990a? S, if the advances that have been found for mass marketing, have become the standard ink cartridges. But the question of how inkjet printers actually work, and it is a good rest. Of course the answer to these questions is yes, maybe not.

Two decisions

The basic concept behind the inkjet printer is in the concepts, such as printers work. ?????????? Yaa right to a | SOA level, we find an answer to a printer, the printer is ink on a piece of paper or other materials. In our case we are talking cartridges ink on colored paper to make finely defined.

thermal bubble? This election has come largely from the era of jets and bubbles works by generating a certain amount of heat in the printer ink cartridges. The heat causes to form a bubble that eventually collapsed as the printer ink is forced through a die to the formation of bubbles. The collapse of the bubble then causes more ink printer with the same procedures have to start again.

There is a significantly lower penetration of this method for the patent rights, but the general concept is the same if you provide the location, heat and vibration of thermal means. In this method, the ink through the vibration of crystals within the nozzle, that current is passed through the crystals ejected. Since the crystals vibrate to cause the printer ink ejected and the ink on the printer. In this mode, there are many more nozzles in the thermal bubble method, the image quality is much better. Unfortunately, the issue of human capacity is available, which makes limited-edition, that the thermal bubble most preferred method.


The cost of inkjet ink cartridges can not be quite high. In this case, the user must compare the costs for the instrument, if you want to have bought a significant difference in the inkjet cartridges. Cost reduction machines have a tendency, ink costs, but the copy is bad. Looking in the other direction, higher cost printers get you high-quality prints, but ends up costing you more expensive than printer ink cartridges over time.

How inkjet printers work and the quality and cost issues penetrated the psyche of the average consumer in the early years of the 21st Century seem to have. With an analogy for the Americans it’s a bit like buying a Chevy (car) Do you know what you’ve found it’s easy and it will take. For an element that essentially become a commodity that is not so bad. Until next step is made, it was about 30 years.

Ink-jet ink

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