How One Can Crack Windows 7 Password with Ease and Convenience

How to crack Windows 7 password? Lots of individuals may often meet Windows 7 password forgotten problem. After the computer being locked for password forgotten, cracking Windows password is certain to be the only way to unlock the locked computer.


Many computer users may have no plan to crack forgotten Windows 7 password. Then right now, I will share three productive and easy techniques to suit your needs to crack Windows 7 password.


Technique One: Crack Windows 7 password with a Windows 7 password reset disk.

After you created your Windows 7 account and if at the same time you also made a Windows 7 password reset disk, then now you can crack your forgotten Windows 7 password with password reset disk.

So, first insert this disk to your computer. Then click “Reset password” when the window jumps to a login screen and Windows shows a message “password is incorrect”. After that, you just follow the “Password Reset Wizard” to create a new password for the password forgotten account.


Technique Two: Crack Windows 7 password with Windows built-in Administrator account.

There is a built-in Administrator account on any Windows operating system. It is hidden without a password protected by default. If you didn’t ever set a password for it and you can unhide it to break your forgotten Windows 7 password.

Firstly, you start your computer and press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” twice at the Login Screen.

Secondly, you just type Administrator in the username box and leave the password box blank.

Thirdly, you hit Enter key and then log into Windows system.

Finally, you go to “Start->Control Panel->User Accounts” to reset the forgotten password.


Technique Three: Crack Windows 7 password with a professional Windows 7 password cracker.

Windows Password Reset is such a professional yet efficient Windows 7 password cracker tool available for you. You can use it to burn a bootable Windows 7 password reset disk, then proceeding Windows 7 password reset with this disk. Below are the detailed procedures:

Step1: Download, install and run Windows Password Reset Std to an accessible computer. (Not the computer with password forgotten.)

Step2: Insert a CD/DVD to this PC for burning the ISO image file of this tool to the CD/DVD After the burning is done, the CD/DVD becomes Windows 7 password reset disc.

Step3: Take the burned Windows 7 password reset disc out from that working computer and insert it to the target PC. Next start this PC and set it boot from CD/DVD in BIOS.

Step4: Start Windows password crack with this password reset disc by only 3 clicks of buttons on the interface.


Compared with Technique One and Two, You can use Technique Three to crack your forgotten Windows 7 password without an Administrator or a password reset disk. It is very convenient, right?

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