How to Break Password on Windows XP by Yourself

Since Microsoft released Windows XP in 2001, we have witnessed rapid development and great popularity of this aged operating system over the last 11 years. Undoubtedly, it has walked into most families, offices, and other places. However, during the past years, even today, many XP users have been troubled by XP password forgot problem. I’ve seen many posts on break Windows XP  login password when it is forgotten or lost in Yahoo, Wiki etc. People usually ask for help from Yahoo Answer just as below:
windows password reset

In the past, we always reset forgotten Windows XP password by reinstalling system or just sending the machine to a computer repair center. These 2 ways do not only causes time consumption but also huge data loss. But today, here I’d like to share you with some new ways to bypass Windows XP password. These ways can all be performed by ourselves, no need help for professionals.

Way 1: Retrieve user password on Windows XP with password reset disk.
A XP password reset disk is the simplest way to regain access to PC if you lost your XP admin password. Of course, it assumes that you had the forethought to create a password reset disk when you set up your computer. Look the following 2 steps:
Step1: Restart your computer, and when the Windows login screen comes up, click your Username and hit Enter.
Step2: Below the login dialog, there will be an option that says “Use your password reset disk” — click there, and a wizard will take you through the process of setting a new password. Have your reset disk ready to load when the wizard prompts you. After that, it’s just a matter of typing in a new password, saving it, and restarting your computer.

Way 2: Find XP password with Windows Password Reset.
Windows Password Reset, as a new way to get Windows XP login password, has many good traits, such as very professional, effective and pretty easy to operate for both professionals and green ones etc. What’s more, with powerful functions, Windows Password Reset now cannot only help you realize XP password, but also Vista and Windows 7 password break. Detailed steps:
Step1: Download and install, run Windows Password Reset on a working/accessible computer.
Step2: Burn Windows Password Reset ISO file to a blank and writable CD/DVD/USB flash drive.
Step3: Break XP admin password with the burned CD/DVD/USB.
Step4: In less than one minute, the forgotten password can be cracked. You then can again access to your PC without any password.

Are these two new ways helpful for you? If any question, please leave a comment here. In the future, I will drive myself to find other better solutions to break XP admin password.

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