How to Bypass Windows XP Password with Ease

I forgot my Windows XP password of my laptop and I’ve tried many ways to recover it, but in vain in the end. Now I am wondering if I could bypass Windows XP password and get access to my laptop again.

For sure, many people are facing with such a problem. But now the good news is that you can bypass your forgotten Windows XP password after you forgot it. Anyway, don’t worry, for this article will explain 2 workable ways to meet your needs.


Method1. Bypass Windows XP password on safe mode

This is the easiest way to bypass Windows XP password. With this way, you can log in Windows XP without password and do not need any password software. This is because Windows XP has a default built-in Administrator account with empty password which was created when Windows XP was installed, so this is a good way to bypass a Windows XP password if no change for default settings of the built-in Administrator. Follow the steps below:

1.       Restart the locked computer and boot it from safe mode.

2.       On log on screen, click the Administrator and leave its password column blank to log on to computer.


Method2: Bypass XP password with a credible password software program.

Windows Password Reset is designed for resetting the lost Windows password including Windows XP, Vista and 7 passwords. It has been regard as the best password reset tool, easy, friendly and totally safe. This program will burn a password reset disk first, and then it uses this disk to bypass Windows XP password.

Here’s how it works:

Step1: Download and install. Download, install and run the free Windows Password Reset to an accessible computer. (Not the locked computer)

Step2: Burn a password reset disk. Insert a blank and writable CD/DVD to the computer and clicking “Burn CD/DVD” to start burning a password reset disk. Once the burning finishes, take out the CD/DVD.

Step3: Start XP password bypass with the password reset disk. Insert the burned CD/DVD to the target PC and set this PC boot from CD/DVD. After that, start XP password bypass with the burned password reset disk in 2 clicks.


Attention: Of course you can also bypass Windows XP password with the Windows XP installation disc. But the problem in using this disc is that serious data loss may happen. So, when bypassing Windows password with installation disc you should be very careful.


One more tip: Please do not forget to create a new password for your Windows XP computer after you finish the Windows XP password bypass process.


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