How to Print to PDF File

Always wanted to print your Word, Excel or PowerPoint files to PDF but didn’t know how? Here is how you can print any file to PDF easily.

How To Print to PDF File – Complete Guide

Notepad and Microsoft Word are the two applications you are most likely to use when editing a document. However, when it comes to reading documents or ebooks, Adobe’s PDF (Portable Document Format) is virtually ubiquitous.

You can find almost every ebook in PDF format even though EPUB is the official format for many ebook readers.

Advantages of PDF

There are many advantages of using the PDF format to share your documents. Firstly, not all computers have Microsoft Word installed, so that some recipients unable to see your DOC files. Even if you share Excel worksheets or PowerPoint presentations, conversion to PDF first smarter might. Many users have no Office applications for various reasons, but most computers have a PDF Reader installed.

Also keep all your PDF formatting, while doing other documents may vary flights in different applications and operating systems. PDF documents are also relatively hard to edit text documents in comparison. This tutorial shows you you as you print any file to PDF using a virtual printer. This will help you convert any file into PDF, unless a document, a table or a presentation.

How to Print to PDF File

There are many applications available that let you print your files directly to PDF, but the best option you have is CutePDF. This application provides the easiest way to print to PDF, as it uses a virtual printer to convert documents and other files to PDF format. The virtual printer can be used to convert your documents to PDF by simply using the Print command.

Installing CutePDF

First of all, you need to download CutePDF – Download CutePDF Writer + Converter. It’s free to download and use.

Next, extract the files from the archive and install both the files – CutePDF Writer and Converter – onto your computer.

Using CutePDF to Print to PDF

Installing these two files creates a new virtual printer on your computer.

Now whenever you want to print any document to PDF or convert any document to PDF, you can just open the document and give the Print command.

To print the document, press Ctrl+P or go to File > Print (in Word 2003 or 2010) or Office Button > Print (in Word 2007).

From the list of printers available, select CutePDF Writer and click on the Print button.

You will get a Save As File Dialog box. Rename the PDF to what you want and save it where you want to.

This is how you can print files to PDF or convert any document to PDF easily. You can use this method to print any file to PDF using a virtual printer.

Alternatively, you can also use PrimoPDF, but CutePDF is recommended as it is the easiest and the most intuitive option.

What is Next …

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