How to Reset IBM ThinkPad T30 BIOS Password

IBM ThinkPad notebooks are ideal for use in companies where security is an important concern. A common method for securing computer business relies on a password, the user must enter when you turn the machine. If a used IBM ThinkPad T30 notebook purchased, but you can not use it because a password is entered, this is a possible reason. If your ThinkPad T30 has a power-on password, which you do not know to reset the password.
  1. Turn the ThinkPad T30 off, then turn it over so that the closed screen faces down. Disconnect the power cable.
  2. Pull the release latch next to the battery pack, and lift the battery out of the computer using the indentation next to the release latch for leverage. In the corner of the empty battery compartment, see a second small, circular battery inside a plastic holder. A wire connects the battery to the ThinkPad T30 logic board.
  3. Remove the plastic battery connector from the logic board, being careful not to pull the wires themselves.
  4. Unscrew the Phillips-head screwdriver connecting the plastic battery holder to the inside of the ThinkPad T30 battery compartment. Remove the battery and holder together.
  5. Reconnect the power cable and turn the ThinkPad T30 on. The computer should boot fully without asking for a password. Turn the computer back off.
  6. Reconnect the round battery and place the primary battery back into its compartment.


It is also possible, a hard disk password and a master password called a supervisor password on the ThinkPad T30. If any of these passwords set on your computer and you do not have access to it is the only way to solve the problem through hardware replacement. Replace the hard disk to reset a hard drive password, or the motherboard to a supervisor password reset.
  1. someone help me to unlock a dell latitude E5500?
    service tag # HHGMF4J-2A7B
    thank you very much in advance!!

  2. this method doesnt work.i have an ibm t30 and i tried and it did not work

  3. Hi, here you are your bios password. make me a sign. good luck


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