How to use Firewall Popup Blockers

If you are not familiar with Popup Blockers, that’s good! You are about to learn from this article about popup blockers and how they can be enabled and disabled to either allow them or not. You’ll also learn how to properly configure and install them.

What are Popups?

A pop-up blocker is a tool or a piece of software that prevents pop-up window before you view certain Web sites. A firewall is one such tool that is designed to stop downloads from unauthorized sites and block pop-ups is. A pop-up blocker is designed to scan the Web page for specific pop-up code and if found, the popup blocker disabled the command does not use pop-ups on the screen.

Popups can such as advertising, marketing tactics, or simple dynamic graphical elements, see if the user views a Web page will appear. However, they distract the user significantly, making it difficult on the site until and unless they are blocked or disabled to navigate. Therefore, firewall disable pop-up blocker, such as pop-ups are used.

How to Selectively Disable An Anti-Popup Blocker?

Usually there would be more than one pop-up blocker installed on the computer such as “Ad blocker” or “Window Killer.” In such cases you may have to configure them all individually. In other cases a blocker known as spam might be installed without the knowledge of the user. Popup blockers enable the user to either allow popups from the sites or temporarily disable their function. If a firewall pop-up blocker is installed, it displays a message whether to allow the popup or to block it. Hence the users can selectively disable the popups if they wish too.

How to Configure the Google Toolbar Popup Blocker?

Firewall Popup Blockers

If you are using Internet Explorer with Google toolbar, ensure that the Google Toolbar says Popups Okay for Approved Websites. To enable popups go to the desired webpage, and click on the Google Toolbar button that says blocked. If enabled the button turns into Popups Okay.

Note: The image to the left (the part circled in red)

illustrates the information about Google’s Pop-up Blocker.

How to Configure the Yahoo Toolbar Popup Blocker

Yahoo Popup Blockers

If you are using an Internet Explorer with a Yahoo Toolbar, click on the popup menu on the toolbar and follow the instructions given below. If a website Popup is blocked, add the source of the popup window to an allowed list by clicking the Pop-Up Blocker menu and selecting the Always Allow Pop-Ups from… button. Next, select the website (eg: from the Sources of Recently Blocked Pop-ups list and click Allow.

Note: The image to the right (with the red arrow) illustrates the information about Yahoo’s Pop-up Blocker.

How to Configure the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Popup Blocker?

Follow these steps to configure the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Popup Blocker:

pop-up blocker settings

1. Open an Internet Explorer window.

2. Click on Tools on the menu.

3. Select Internet Options.

4. Choose the Privacy tab.

5. Click on the Settings button (as illustrated in the image on the right).

6. Fill the box for the Address for Web Site to allow as

7. Click on the Add button.

8. Click Apply and select Ok.

9. Now you can close the browser and reload the webpage.

xp pop-up blocker settings

Note: The Pop-ups on the webpage will now

be allowed and will appear when the page is reloaded

(as shown in the image on the left).

How to Configure the Norton Internet Security Pop-up Blocker?

ad blocking notrton firewall

1. Open the Norton Internet Security main window or click on the firewall icon in the system tray.

2. Click the Ad Blocking function.

3. Click the Turn Off button (as illustrated in the image to the right).

Note: This will cause the Pop-up Blocker to allow the ads and Pop-ups on the webcasted page.

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