Internet and the Terrorism

Is the internet being used by terrorists? It is widely believed that the internet is being used by terrorist groups. With recent attacks, investigators and the news media have reported this may be the case.

The Terrorism and Internet

Computers and different forms of technology have came under attack for possibly being used in terrorist attacks in Mumbai. These different forms of technology and security considered by investigators or the news media should not be the only concern of Information Technology departments.

Internet and the Terrorism

With Botnets, viruses, malware, and hacking being some of the most critical worries in Information Technology, terrorism comes into play. It is widely known that countries have used cyberwarfare to attack other countries.

Terrorism or possible terrorism should be considered on all levels of business. Hackers are not just script kiddies or people who deface websites. These groups of malicious hackers could damage databases, steal assets or use platforms to launch attacks.

Technologies that are available today that include online mapping, smartphones, GPS and websites that present current technology can update or inform groups of individuals wanting to do harm. This type of malicious intent has to be taken into consideration.

CIOs, Information Technology managers and leaders in information technology need to analyze the security of their individual networks and every node on the network.

With antivirus technology solutions and end point security software readily available, these leaders in information technology have to protect not only their network but all mobile devices and nodes in their inventory.

Regardless of the operating systems being used in businesses; updates are critical. These businesses also have to examine and update any add on software, browser add ons, third party software and any software being used. Security doesn’t stop in today’s world with any device.

The policies requiring the maintenance and updates of all computers including security reviews must be in place. Reviews of logs and the changing of passwords along with the ‘rights and permissions’ enforcement must be enforced.

The sophistication of any node on your network cannot be overlooked. These hardware devices regardless if they are wireless access points, printers, routers, firewalls or any computer related node must be updated with software or firmware.

Security worries don’t end at the typical traditional threats IT managers have faced in the past. The internet has become a tool for terrorist and terrorism. Is the defacement of a website a form of terrorism? Investigations show websites, online applications and the new technology of today can be used for carrying out attacks.

Companies can truly add terrorism to their list of threats. Risk Management has a new ‘risk’ added to the consideration list of how assets can be lost or how a company’s computers can be used as a tool for terrorists.

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