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It was originally designed for Intel x86 platforms. Now it is for Intel, Mac, Alpha, various embedded devices and many other platforms. Linux is actually a UNIX operating system that is very consistent, reliable, fair, stable and flexible.

It was originally designed for Intel x86 platforms. Now it’s Intel, Mac, Alpha, embedded systems and many other platforms. Linux is actually a UNIX operating system that is very consistent, reliable, fair, stable and flexible. It is used on PCs, workstations, servers, routers, and almost all other platforms. Linux is multiuser and multitasking that perform almost any task or series of tasks quickly and efficiently. Linux is as influential as any other operating system, and especially it is free. Linux was created to provide a free replacement for UNIX. This increases the user base and Linux are supported by large organizations and even governments. As it is open source and is technically very strong, it is often used by users.
A student at the University of Helsinki, Linus Torvalds began the Linux project. He worked on a UNIX operating system, such as additional functionality that MINIX ready to build. He has produced a Linux kernel that could possibly work with UNIX applications, and in 1991 he published his first kernel on Intel x86 platforms, which is widely distributed or circulated on the Internet. A kernel is the core of any operating system and the “core” was designed to operate as UNIX, but it is not good at one of the UNIX code. Therefore, Linux is not really UNIX.

Facts behind choosing Linux hosting for a website:
There is a high security, consistency and reliability of the power of the Linux operating system. Linux  was in a state of constant change since its founding thirty (30) years, and instead of values, enter permiting system functionality and observations. Linux only works with text, the GUI is. Without a GUI, it controls and enormous capacity of the server on our website.
Web Hosting Linux Quality:
1. MS FrontPage 2000, 2002
Shock Wave
4. Real Audio / Video
5. CGI scripts
7. SSH (Secure Telnet)
9. Web-Based />

Anonymous FTP
11. Site statistics graphics
12. Web-Based />

13. Miva / XML
Cold Fusion
15. ASP (Active Server Pages)
Scripting Languages
CGI scripts are written in a series of scripts, the language on the Internet to the mechanism of Linux, but languages are most familiar script (Perl) and (PHP).
Available />

The databases are provided by many who like Linux and can run on Linux-based amng especially all web hosting providers are below:
• Postgre SQL
• Mon />

• mSQL
Relational nature is established in all these types of databases. Therefore they allow a lot of connectivity and communication with your web site optimized for fast recovery of data.
Now there is no doubt about the fact that Linux is superior to Unix.
Our message to the general />

We offered item qualifies hosting services for thousands of businesses and experts in information technology as you. We dedicate ourselves and recommend that hosting solutions on Linux for people who want their website inherent in a fast, reliable servers with respect to the operating system more stable in the world.

Web Hosting Linux

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