LulzSec reveals FBI agents on Infragard reused passwords

Sony hackers LulzSec team defaced the internet web page of FBI affiliate marketer Infragard, stole individual databases and posted them online. The daring assault provides a glimpse of hackers’ tentacles reaching for ‘up-hanging’ fruits such as the country’s vaulted law enforcement force. It also passed over a minor lesson — in password security.

The hack ate tack revealed that countless FBI personnel who have been on people of Infragard do not stick to obligatory password safety norms and guidelines.

The LulzSec found out it by screening the stolen passwords versus other websites. They found out that countless members, which consists of FBI agents, have been possibly producing utilization of weak passwords. And additional importantly, they have been reusing passwords on other internet sites, which brought on serious flaws in information security. at the same time this was in blatant violation of standard guidelines.

The LulzSec’s “F**k FBI Friday” assault was adopted up using the publication on collection of as countless as 180 usernames, hashed passwords, plain text message passwords jointly with real names of Infragard people and e-mail addresses.

One fascinating feature inside the assault was that not all passwords have been hacked. A report regardless of the simple fact that in the factors out that LulzSec do not crack the passwords of people who end users possibly employed passwords of acceptable complexity and length. “This would make brute forcing much additional difficult and LulzSec couldn’t be bothered to crack them,” the report says.

And LulzSec attempted out the passwords versus other services. The findings have been fascinating — countless have been reusing passwords on their sites, compromising security. “LulzSec singled out just one of those users, Karim Hijazi, who employed his Infragard password for equally his personal and company Gmail accounts according toward the hackers,” the report says.

Meanwhile, a twist regardless of the simple fact that in the tale emerged on Saturday with Hijazi, who runs botnet-tracking institution Unveillance, alleging the fact that LulzSec experienced threatened to article details stolen from on Infragard if he didn’t pass on safety details about botnets.

Earlier, LulzSec experienced alleged that Hijazi experienced supplied them cash to hack into his competitor’s internet web page and also to stay silent about his personal database, once they informed him that his personal discussion which consists of that by method of Gmail is becoming compromised.

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