Password protected

We are all aware that the passwords can be stolen. Therefore, to enhance the security of a computer that is required is innovation. And one of the innovative ways to backup data stored in a computer network or through the password chart.

Ron poet, lecturer, School of Computing, University of Glasgow, said: “Instead of alphabets and numbers, a password using graphic images as a password. In our work, we use simple drawings and doodles (images), while other researchers use face or even abstract art. These systems are “based on the recognition, which means that when users connect, they must recognize their personal doodle from a number of distractors, rather than having to remember something.” poet and his team chose to work in this area because they felt that human factors are the leading cause of weaknesses in systems of information security and the provision of a password, which is both secure and easy to use will have a major impact on the lives of ordinary people.

“We have already used for authentication doodles in a small expert system for a number of years. We plan to deploy a broader, more general in the near future to test our ideas for automated graphics systems password, “said Poet. The team consisting of a poet, and Karen Renaud Soumyadeb Chowdhry, a PhD student working on different aspects of research. Their work involves a number of areas such as usability testing, which involves designing and evaluating experiments with ordinary users and image analysis core.

“We are also working on the analysis of possible attacks on these systems to quantify their level of security. We work on how the images are viewed in different cultures, which is important in our globalized world today, “said Poet. According to Poet, it is easier to recognize a picture to remember a standard password. A password that is easy to remember is of course easy to crack, but secure passwords are difficult to remember.

Choose simple designs that our images based on the fact that it is easier to recognize the images we created from images that we have been given. Talking about the challenges they met in their research, the poet says, “The challenges in our research is to design a system of password practices graphs making it easy for a new user to create and register their doodle. Create a design on paper, he analyzes and save the image file is probably heavy. However, the advent of mobile phones with Internet access and touch screens can make the system easier for social networking sites. ”

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