Protect iPhone device with passcode

Are you worried that your iPhone or its data might get stolen? If you are, then this guide is for you! Let’s take a look at the iPhone’s security options, starting in Settings > General > Passcode Lock.

If this your first visit to the passcode lock settings, then you are prompted to create a 4-digit pass code – this can be anything, just make it unforgettable. Once you input and confirmation passcode, you see a few options. The first two buttons can turn the passcode lock turn off or change your password a.

The next option called “require passcode” allows you to enter the interval between the iPhone password is set. For example, if you this interval set for 5 minutes and you “sleep” your iPhone, you will be able to awaken and start it again (unless you enter of your passcode) for up to five minutes after you it put to sleep. After the 5 minute time limit exceeded, is your iPhone required the passcode after waking up.

You enable the option SMS preview or disable. By SMS preview, the name of the sender (or number) and a few lines of the message displayed. If you turn off this option, you see only the awakening generic “1 new SMS” on the screen.

For more protection, enable the “Erase Data” option. This erases all data from the device if someone tries to enter the wrong passcode more than 10 times.

With the passcode lock turned on, can the calming certainty that comes your device with the knowledge, and data are safe. If you call your iPhone by using a finger to release it, you will be presented with a numeric keypad, to your 4 digit code on power. After successfully entering of your code, the startup screen will be displayed. Note that this works for the iPod touch also.

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