Remember a Difficult Password by Remembering an Easy Name

You have a dozen of usernames and passwords to remember which becomes unmanageable with time. You have passwords for your emails accounts, social sites, blog accounts etc. The problem with secure passwords is that they are hard to remember. While you can use some tools to remember difficult passwords, here is a quick trick that will generate a secure password for you and store it online. You don’t have to remember your “difficult to remember” password anymore.

1. Go to Online functions website and type any string which you can easily remember (e.g your pet name or in the input field.

2. Hit the “Calculate MD5” button and the website will generate a “MD5 hash key”.

3. Copy the first eight characters of that key and use it as your new secure password.

This password is secure and at the same time you don’t need to remember it. Whenever you forget the password, just visit this site again and input the same string. It will generate the same code as it generated earlier. Hence you can remember your secure password by just remembering an easy string.

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