Reset ACER Aspire 3610 BIOS Password – Only 8 Steps

Do you want to do a reset BIOS on your Acer laptop 3610? Maybe a lot of theories given by several sources that have suggested you. These ways might be able to do. Here I will also give 8 phase to reset BIOS the Acer Aspire 3610.

1. Power down the laptop.

2. Remove the battery.

3. Unplug the A/C adapter.

4. Very carefully remove the cover above the keyboard which also covers the LCD hinges. It snaps into place (no screws) so take caution while removing.

5. With this cover off look just above the keyboard on the mainboard & you will see a set of 4 small dip switches near the center. Factory settings should have all of these set to the left (palm rest side closest to you). Slide the top (#1 I believe) dip switch to right using small flat head screwdriver or other suitable tool.

Exercise caution while doing this or you can cause unrepairable damage to the mainbaord rendering the system a giant paper weight!!

6. Reinstall the battery & plug in A/C adapter.

7. Power system “ON” and press “F2″ to enter BIOS.

VIOLA!! You are in and the BIOS has been reset!

8. Once you have successfully done this, power off the system and set the dip switch back to the original position. Reinstall the cover you removed above the keyboard.

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  1. after sorting through the dribble that a lot of people want to put on the net I found the answer to my cmos problems with easy instuctions to solve it keep up the good work

  2. This was very helpful, I tried many other sites prior to this one. Thank you very much

  3. brilliant!!! this is the ONLY one that works

  4. I spent two hours reading other sites .pulling the cmos battery plug ..trying default passwords ..getting the error code and trying to regenerate passwords ..all a waste of time ..I read this and did it in 10 seconds . thankyou ..I really appreciate it .

  5. just awesome my friend !!! thank you !!

  6. Thanks! Worked perfect! :)

  7. I will right away grab your rss feed as I can not in finding your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly let me recognize so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  8. Holy Fuck (pardon my french)!!!!!It works….as easy as that….5 seconds and it´s done!!!!!!Cheers ;)

  9. Many thanks, man! You are a genius.

  10. DUDE U R LOVE!!!!! AMAZING!!! iv been serching for about 3 weeks and TODAY IV GOT IT!!! TANKUUU SOOOOO MUCH :))))))

  11. Becca@windows user account password remover

    I forgot my user password.This information very helpful.Thanks

  12. thanks alot it rely help me

  13. Excellent – worked like a charm and saved me the £55 service fee quoted by Acer.

    Will now be shelving the planned £18k order from Acer for my company’s hardware refresh and purchasing elsewhere…

  14. Hello

    For me it didn’t. I even flashed the BIOS and it still asks for a password!
    Never seen anything like it.
    Loosing my mind over here!
    And the chip is not removable.


  15. Thanks for the advice. I repaired it

  16. this example is for Aspire 3610. mine is a 5735z and the reset switches mentioned are nowhere to be found where mentioned in the article. I think this cure is only for 3610 models. WHy was it given in answer to a 5735z bios reset. Totally useless for this model.

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