Reset forgotten memory card password for Nokia mobile

Multi Media Card (MMC) memory cards or simply turn a very important role in cellular phones were delayed. People, high resolution cell phones or people who have their mobile phone as a pen drive is essentially a space that MMC is to save these files. Concerned about the security of cards, they try to hide behind a password. The problem with the password for an MMC is very large. If you forget memory card password, all you can do is throw it in the bin and buy another. You can try to format the entire card with a computer, which can sometimes not possible because some important files stored. And even if you reformat, it still dares, an error message appears on the desktop that says: “You do not have enough for the format ‘.

What if someone mischievously kept a password for your MMC without your notice?

If you use a Nokia mobile, fortunately, you have an application which can find your previous forgotten password or lost password. You may have heard of ‘FExplorer’.

It can be used to go through (Search)  your disk and see your lost password.

Just Download the application, transfer it to your phone and install it.

Once installed, go to ‘C’ disk and then click on the ‘system’ folder. Scroll down to find ‘mmcstore’ and open it using the editor (click on options -> file ->Editor/Viewer).

There you go, your saved password is right in front of you which made you mad all these days.

Note: This method only works when the ‘phone memory’ has not been formatted since the password is lost.

  1. I am trying to download memory password recovery, but it is not working.

  2. I am trying to download the application, but it is not working

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