Reset Toshiba Satellite BIOS Password

Heres a quick and dirty way to reset the password on the Toshiba Satellite A205 BIOS.

Warning! You can only use these tips on your own Toshiba computer if you forgot password, but not other person’s computer!

DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU ARE THE OWNER OR YOU HAVE BEEN ASKED TO. Warn any clients that something could go wrong with this procedure. THIS IS A RISK!

(You do this at your own risk. You do this at your own liability. I will not be held responsible if something goes wrong.)

Now that I’ve said that, I will add that this method did work for me on an A205-S5814 and has been reported to work on (A205-S4707, A205-S4639, A215-S7425, A215-S7425, and a A205-s5804)

  1. Power the laptop off, remove the battery and power cable.
  2. On the bottom of the laptop, locate the memory bay, and remove the cover plate.
  3. Peel back the black sticker on the motherboard (set that aside, and remember to return it when you’re finished)
  4. Locate two solder joints labeled XXX in one of the corners. (we’ll return to those in a minute)

  5. Set the laptop on its side, so the screen is open to prop it up, and the power jack is facing up.
  6. Insert one of your ram modules.
  7. Plug in the laptop and turn it on.
  8. If it turns on and prompts for a password then continue, if it does not, then power it off, and move the ram module to the other slot and try again.
  9. Turn the laptop off.
  10. Hold a small flathead screwdriver onto those two soldier joints, shorting them.
  11. Turn the laptop on while you’re shorting those two soldier joints.
  12. It should boot. You can remove the screwdriver, power the laptop off, replace the other ram module (don’t forget that sticker), cover plate, and battery. Turn on the laptop, it should boot up!

TLDR: Short solder joints labeled XXX under memory bay to clear password.

Post your results in the comments below. Good luck!

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  1. I have toshiba satellite C655-S5049, it has blue screen “Enter current password”, opened the mememory slot all i see is Fuse6100 which i am not sure. can somebody help!

  2. Thanks a million! Instructions worked like a champ on my Satellite L505D-S5985. You da man!!!


  4. Tosiba satelite | Shakashakere - pingback on April 21, 2012 at 11:45 am
  5. Thank God for this article…! A friend of mine has a disabled son who recently password protected their netbook, and then promptly forgot what they had set it to. Were it not for this article, and the excellently written instructions, the laptop would have been a write-off, or a very expensive repair at the least.

    Oh…and not wanting to break with the tradition of the last two years…Steve, you are a complete and utter cunt.

  6. Just completed this for a customer on an L655D. Note, the solder jumpers are covered by a thin coat of lacquer which you might have to scrape to make good contact, it took two or three attempts.

    Update your BIOS to the latest revision afterwards to prevent a recurrence.

    NB, the jumpers are above the XXX as per the pic near fuse6100 (IIRC) on the L655D

  7. Hi All. I’m not having such luck here:
    Have a Satellite C650D with insyde H2 Bios. doesn’t boot up just goes to a blue box asking for password. I thought I knew the password not the case therefore not doing anything. tried many suggestion including the shorting of B500 pads still no good any ideas please?

  8. ang galing mo pre! it’s work

  9. i have an satellite E105 & im not an expert in this stuff ,
    can i reset the password for my laptop with this guide ??

  10. Great info – thanks for posting it! Worked great on a Toshiba satellite L505

  11. works great on Satellite L650 . thx

  12. Worked great on C655 Satellite! Had to scrape the B500 solders to make contact. There must be a coating on them to prevent inadvertent shorts.
    Steve, get a life!

  13. Worked Perfectly on a Toshiba Satellite A205-S4707.

  14. tried on my Satellite L505 S5993 3times but alas it did not cancel my need for a boot pass word ??
    What next ?

  15. rudy dharma cuaca

    Thank u so much james, it work with toshiba satellite A135, but there is no XXX marks but there is small mark under physsiccal memory, thanks n success for u james

  16. Look forward to trying this tomorrow will post the out-come. Satellite L355

  17. Many thanks!! for this post.
    ((Love a good trade secret)) hehe

    “Worked first time”
    Saved $90 DIY.
    Toshiba Satellite L355-S7905
    MOBO>Model PSLD8U-0Q3033

    I’m not even going to may a comment on the — what’s his name :-)

  18. Hello! I have an Toshiba Satellite C655D-SP4131L with Insyde H2O bios. And guess what? Forgot my bioss password too.

    I follow the intructions above in this post and Voila! no password at all…

    Thanks a lot :)

    (ahhh Steve… I feel sorry about you :P )

  19. Thank you sooooo much! Worked great. I did have to scratch off a little of the surface of the soldering before it made contact but it worked and I am so thankful and appreciative. BTW, this laptop is NOT stolen. It just came up with this screen asking for the password out of nowhere. Toshiba wanted to replace to mobo. People like Steve just kill me!

  20. hi! i followed your instruction and guess what??!!
    this is what it prompts me now every time i power on my laptop,

    “Bootmgr is compressed”,

    then, i searched google, i followed this instruction,

    insert your OS CD
    go to DOS window and type in your OS drive (usualy C:\)
    type in bootrec /FixMbr
    then type in bootrec /fixboot
    then type in bootrec /rebuildbcd
    then type in exit
    restart your computer
    it will work 100% only if you prompt at the same order
    good luck—————————–

    NOW MY LAPTOP IS 1OO% FINE!!!1 THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. holy moses !!

    been looking on tons of forums, removed cmos battery over night, nothing worked

    did what you said on tosh sat c650, shorted B500 and hey presto, it works !!

    must be using charger not main battery for this to work

    huge thank you

  22. I have toshiba satellite C655-S5049, it has blue screen “Enter current password”, opened the mememory slot all i see is Fuse6100 which i am not sure. can somebody plz help

  23. I have toshiba satellite C655-S5049, it a working yes and no plz help me ……….

  24. Well my story is simple and sorry about the guy that wants to snitch on everyone.

    I have a TOSHIBA (A45 S121) AND I HAVE REMOVED THE CMOS BATTERY BUT COULD NOT FIND THE JUMPERS ANYWHERE AND I KNOW I AM OVER LOOKING THEM. Can anyone help me with this my little laptop is old but it’s all i have.

    I need it for school and it was given to me by my son broken.

  25. i have toshiba satelite 1800 system psc183c how to delete bios password

  26. i have Toshima Prostege M400 anybady knowe where is jumper located?

  27. James, on behalf of all of those you’ve helped. Thank you…
    This is how Steve sounded to me: “Boo hoo!!! I’m gonna tell my mommy! you told a secret… D’:
    Looks like this used to work, I am trying to fix a laptop, according to the guy he can’t remember his password..
    Tried shorting both B500 connectors and it works, I get a message saying that the BIOS found a short w/ the CMOS Batter, F1 to continue F2 to access Setup.. Still get the prompt for the password :/ this is for a Toshiba Satellite C655-S5512.

    Thanks Ya’ll

  28. Doesn’t works for model toshiba satellite a205 sp5821. For people in same situation, I find a great solution

  29. i have a toshiba satellite A505-s6980
    i get the same message as Taciholid

    “Tried shorting both B500 connectors and it works, I get a message saying that the BIOS found a short w/ the CMOS Batter, F1 to continue F2 to access Setup.. Still get the prompt for the password :/ this is for a Toshiba Satellite “

  30. mine is toshiba satellite l755d-s5109 how will i reset bios password reset.
    plz help

  31. its AMD and could not find that B500 place

  32. help/help/help….. anyone can tell me how to reset bois password for toshiba satellite m505-4945
    i really dont have the money to buy another LP OR PAY FOR A FIX…..HELP PLEASE!!!

  33. Dennison Rodney

    Thanks this really helped me.

  34. I cant find anything with the label “xxx” on it. Can any one elaborate on these instructions?

  35. Per gli utenti italiani, funziona benissimo su L350. Fare però diverse prove, a me è andato con la ram messa nello slot superiore poichè bisogna circuitare bene i jumperini. Grazie mille!!!!!

  36. Useful, you have to let the computer post for 3-10 seconds with the contacts crossed. Worked on a c655d-s5200. Screw the place that put the password in place – this was my sisters computer!

  37. toşiba L650D -117 model leptop bios şifresi lazım şifreyi nasıl sıfırlanır makinem şifre istiyor yardım acilllll

  38. c800 please

  39. can some one please tell me where the jumpers are on a Satellite C675D-S7109? I have look for xxx and the B500 nothing. I do see one that reads JP8801.Any help

  40. Where may the memory panel be located on Toshiba Satellite A200/A205 laptop ?

  41. to satellite L755 AND L655 series is jumper G2 or G3, remove the memory cover and you see the G2 jumper.. my email. for more informations

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