Reset Toshiba Satellite BIOS Password

Heres a quick and dirty way to reset the password on the Toshiba Satellite A205 BIOS.

Warning! You can only use these tips on your own Toshiba computer if you forgot password, but not other person’s computer!

DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU ARE THE OWNER OR YOU HAVE BEEN ASKED TO. Warn any clients that something could go wrong with this procedure. THIS IS A RISK!

(You do this at your own risk. You do this at your own liability. I will not be held responsible if something goes wrong.)

Now that I’ve said that, I will add that this method did work for me on an A205-S5814 and has been reported to work on (A205-S4707, A205-S4639, A215-S7425, A215-S7425, and a A205-s5804)

  1. Power the laptop off, remove the battery and power cable.
  2. On the bottom of the laptop, locate the memory bay, and remove the cover plate.
  3. Peel back the black sticker on the motherboard (set that aside, and remember to return it when you’re finished)
  4. Locate two solder joints labeled XXX in one of the corners. (we’ll return to those in a minute)

  5. Set the laptop on its side, so the screen is open to prop it up, and the power jack is facing up.
  6. Insert one of your ram modules.
  7. Plug in the laptop and turn it on.
  8. If it turns on and prompts for a password then continue, if it does not, then power it off, and move the ram module to the other slot and try again.
  9. Turn the laptop off.
  10. Hold a small flathead screwdriver onto those two soldier joints, shorting them.
  11. Turn the laptop on while you’re shorting those two soldier joints.
  12. It should boot. You can remove the screwdriver, power the laptop off, replace the other ram module (don’t forget that sticker), cover plate, and battery. Turn on the laptop, it should boot up!

TLDR: Short solder joints labeled XXX under memory bay to clear password.

Post your results in the comments below. Good luck!

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  1. You do realize that by posting this information, you are making it harder for police to recover stolen laptops, and making it easier for thieves to get away with it, right???

  2. Oh and I forgot to mention that Toshiba has been notified about this, and since it is a trade secret for security reasons, they will be contacting you soon. Have a nice day.

  3. I am sorry to hear that. I publish this article just because many friends lost their Toshiba bios password and I want to help them. If Toshiba contact me for this article, I will delete it ASAP.
    Thanks for your attention.

  4. i just wanna say tanks a lot!!! it worked for me.
    a message to steve: snitch people like you stink

  5. Thanks, it really works :)
    and steve, funny how toshiba has said nothing about this, and nor have they removed the article. So get off your high horse and stop talking BS

  6. Thanks for this information my ex husband put a password on my laptop so that I could never get into it trying to be a smarty pants. This helped me so I can now put windows 7 on the machine. Thank you!

  7. thanks, it worked great!

  8. i removed batter and their is nothing do you have a email what im hearing is that i have to remove keyboard to do it and on mine its not labeled xxx wish it was that easy but never is lol but if you could email me i would appreciate it

  9. oh yea mines a satelite p105

  10. Hi,

    I just use this method on a toshiba satelite L350 and it is working fine, use a real metalic stuff to make the contact. Thanks.

    ps: on that model there is no XXX and the position of the 2 solder compare to the photo are on the left side.

    btw, that wasn’t a stolen laptop but just a forgoted password, that happend some time.

  11. To Steve,

    It is NOT a trade secret and there is a well known and documented bug in millions of Toshiba laptops that set a BIOS password that can only be removed using the info the guy here provides.

    So don’t be a douche. Don’t make hollow threats. Toshiba never reacted to this because they know there is a legit reason many ppl would need it. They also realized your and idiot….

  12. Actually works! Thx

  13. You’re the greatest….O and uhh Steve you suck…..

  14. first: my inglish its very short
    but the point about this thing, its that !work for me!
    my laptop is TOSHIBA SATELLITE C655D-S5057
    thahks. james

    I use a pair (1)small cable CAT5e
    to do shorting

  15. I’m going to give this a try. I want to format and load another operating system. And yes Steve, you suck. Toshiba
    doesnt really care what you run as long as you buy their laptops. But MS has a hold on their short hairs. In your
    yearbook did they label you as “most likely to be a pain in the ass” ?

  16. OH GREAT now it won’t come on at all How it supposed to start with the memory lid off?

  17. Steve, reseting BIOS passwords does not make it harder to find stolen laptops… The BIOS is separate from the OS. Even if it did, it’s like saying that anyone posting a guide on how to clean a gun is helping murder.

    And this is not a trade secret, that’s total BS. Quit being an ass and grow up.

  18. Crystal Nelson

    I just put together a Satellite out of like 6 computers I had parted out, I am very thankful for this information being posted so I can remove the bios password now. Steve- Theives are going to steal when they see the opportunity, whether they’ll actually be able to use what they’re stealing is a secondary thought. Computers and the WWW are all about sharing information and knowledge empowers every human being on earth. I’m willing to bet the majority of people taking time to look up this forum (on a computer they already have access to obviously) are working on fixing one they own, not looking for ideas on what brand of laptop to go car prowling for! :)

  19. worked first time thankyou very muchio!!!!!!!!!!laptop was toshiba equium A200 and xxx are in right hand corner.thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I tried it on a laptop i wasa satelite l350 and it didnot work just kept going to the pasword screen
    but it did have the xxx underthe solder foints

  21. this works 100%….steve u suck balls

  22. Actually, what you’re supposed to be looking for is the soldier points labeled ‘B500′

    The ‘XXX’ label might also be on there as well, but if you can’t locate that marking, you really should be looking for ‘B500′

  23. Worked on TOSHIBA A205! Great directions by the way. Largely a great deal of help. Awsome. Keep up the good work.

  24. Thanks for the info, but as soon as i turn the machine on the system ask for password again.

  25. i have a toshiba p505-s8980 and i cant seem to find the xxx let alone figure out if and how to take out the bottom panel to look for it. can anyone help. this is my business laptop and i need the bios password fixed by monday

  26. what about tecra a11, whats the trick. Thanks

  27. I have a Toshiba satellite L655-S5096. Will this work on a laptop like that?

  28. I only commented to say, steve you suck ..stop being a snitch. Have a nice day and nice article man, really useful

  29. thanks man i have managed after 3days of sweat on a Toshiba Satellite C 655 Bios password

  30. It appeared to work (booted without password, as it used to…) I put it back together and boot …then…bios password prompt! Boo! Ok trying again…

  31. Worked! Thank you for being made of awesome!

  32. Very nice information on this forum. I have one Toshiba L500-1XM laptop, when i switched on the green light is on but there is no display on the screen its black. i hope if i can reset the bios may it will work, so if anybody know how to reset the bios of this laptop pse share. thank you very much.

  33. It worked for my toshiba satellite A300-047.
    Thank you, thought I had a expensive boat anchor.

  34. Hi,
    I want reset my Toshiba a11. Can someone help mehr?

  35. Maybe Steve is the po-po, I have try to reset my C655D-S8054 Toshiba it did’nt work. the computer belonges to my son who die two months ago.

  36. Thanks x1000!! This worked perfect, now I can use my laptop again and you saved me a lot of money.

  37. Joakim Schneider

    This works! Thanks alot mate! I’ve got a Toshiba Satellite C650D-12J laptop. Only differance is that it doesnt look exactly like your images but its just to locate the XXX solder joints in the mem bay.

    Thanks a million!

  38. Thank you for taking the time to post this. I actually wanted to clean my laptop, it has not been done since I purchased it at a legitimate computer retailer. I removed the motherboard but cannot find the specific contacts. I’ll try to look again in the morning.
    Steve, I heard they need help in the desert for the First Annual Troll Convention. Your wife probably wants you out of the house so she can have fun again. What you said makes absolutely no sense. In a hypothetical situation, were I to steal a laptop and I was not able to crack the BIOS I would get rid of the dead weight by parting it out or throwing it in the nearest small, shallow gene pool. If, on the other hand, I did crack it, I would carry it so I could use it, or sell it, making the laptop circulate in public places. If it circulates, your police friends have a much better chance of recovering that laptop if it is in a backpack or vehicle of whichever person your police are violating the civil rights of on that particular day. The laptop that was dead weight would still be in that shallow gene pool, a long way from your laptop Nazis. Maybe we can meet at a bar sometime. I’ll be the guy making your wife laugh while you are in the corner hating everybody and stewing on your miserable life. I feel so much better, you are like therapy to me. Thank you

  39. My friend just bought the c655d-s5200, floor model, and the store didn’t even know the password. My first instinct was remove the cmos bat underneath the keyboard, lol. things you learn everyday.

    you sir are a godsent.
    thank you.

    oh, and FUCK steve! Fuck toshiba for trying to screw their customers over.

  40. Worked fine on a satellite a660. and steve you’re a douche.

  41. my screen wont come on now effin great text me at 3186398525 if u can help me

  42. I tried this twice did not work on satelite a205 i used a small flat heat screw driver could it of been made out of wrong steel?

  43. James, I have tried this several times. I have a Toshiba Satellite a215-s7414. Any other suggestions? PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE I TOSS THIS THING THROUGH THE WINDOW. OR SHOOT IT WITH MY 45MM. :)

  44. I have to change my father’s setup battery, as it’s dead (date resetting at each startup).

    Where is it located, please ? I can’t find a link on the web.

  45. For me don’t work on L350; i try with 2 positions of ram: don’t reset bios. I don’t understand why. I’m not a newbie, I’m an gsm technician.

    I try remove battery cmos but don’t work.

    Have u any suggestions pls.


  46. Thanks a million

    I was looking for information all over the web world and finally I landed on this website. I followed the instruction by removing the first RAM but did not work. It did not work by removing the second RAM either. Hoever, it worked when I pressed harder on the two solders.

    Thanks again who ever you are.

    Oh…Uhhh Steve…you are really suck like other people mentioned it earlier.

  47. Hello, I’m french.
    Sorry for my bad French.
    Works on satellite L650.
    Importantly, the “B500″. For better contact, welded a small copper wire between the two plots “B500″.
    Place one strip of memory start.
    Display the first page of the bios and then extinction of the laptop alone.
    Remove the small copper wire and put the remaining memory.
    Restart and that’s OK.

  48. Just wanted to say thanks and it works on a Sat Pro L300 – although I needed to leave memory in – eeek. Although I had nothing to lose as it wasn’t worth sending to Tosh anyway. It did leave me with a request for the built-in hdd password and I can’t clear that in the BIOS – but a re-install / re-image will fix it. Cheers

  49. Thanks!

    you´ve been very helpfull

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