Server Monitor Tools

Admin city offers various server monitoring tools to manage your management server. These tools are very simple to install and simple interface allows you to make your free time other useful things. These tools are very effective, save time and save money. So just manage the pressure of work on your server management system and take the test version of these tools

Here you will find various types of tools they are very useful to manage your server management system. Some of them are listed here:

Active Directory Export / Import Tool: The Active Directory Export / Import Tool to export administrators to easily export or import of user accounts and accounts of the Organization of a Windows Server Active Directory on the other. With this tool, you can also view a list of user accounts currently exist in Windows Active Directory domain and the administrator can import into his pursuers favorites, such as MS Word and Excel.

Exchange Mailbox Cleanup tool: The Exchange Mailbox Cleanup tool to your mailbox and you do not need to delete your messages manually.
Let’s see how this tool works cleaning mailbox and what he sees:
• Cleaning Tool Mailbox show the size of your mailbox and help to the size of your mailbox.
• Find the e-mails and archives that are larger than certain KB size or find items that are older than certain date.
• Cleaning Tool Mailbox Deleted Items folder from the display tag and delete messages from the Deleted Items folder.

Mail Server Stress Tool: Mail Server Stress Tool is Stress Tool is a powerful SMTP test, designed to identify critical performance issues in your mail server that may prevent optimal performance on the messaging server
to recognize
Email Forwarders tool: tool works for redirection of mail server downtime and disaster recovery. Mail Carrier sends a copy of incoming mail to an SMTP server side. In tools for forwarding when the mobile you can receive all your e-mails on the phone immediately, no matter where you are. Mail-forwarding filters as junk e-mail from your mailbox. You can send a message of domain names or e-mail selectively.

If you want more information about Server Monitor tools and a free trial version of all tools, you can visit:

Server monitoring

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