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Avoid Public Wi-Fi Dangers

Public Wi-Fi is ubiquitous now. Nearly every coffee shop, fast food restaurant, and airport offers it. It’s even hard to find a public park without Wi-Fi. But with that convenience comes risk. There are several ways you could be the target of an attack via public Wi-Fi.

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Open Wi-Fi networks is stupid

The privacy furore over Google Street View misses the point. OMG, as folk in more youthful circles text on their phones. I’m finding it hard to believe the ridiculous furore over the Google Wi-Fi-sniffing Street View cars!

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Find your Computer’s WPA Key

This post is a step by step guide on how to locate your computer’s WPA key. In case, you have lost the key, this guide also teaches you how to assign a new WPA key. WPA stands for Wi-Fi protected access.

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