The Practical Ways to Unlock Windows Vista Password

Forgot windows password is a common issue in the computer users, when we come across such issue, most of people will search internet to find the solutions in the first time. However, when we are the Vista users, we can find so little information about how to unlock windows Vista password in the internet, much more the usefull information. Therefore, I decide to write this article, help vista users to unlock windows password with the practical methods.


Practical Method 1: Unlock Vista Password in Safe Mode

No matter what the Os you use, safe mode always the first choice to us, for it needn’t get help from conditions.

Step1: Keep pressing Del as the computer is booting to enter the Windows Advanced Options Menu.

Step2: Select Safe mode to enter windows with an administrator account.

Step3: Turn to the Control Panel, select the account you forgot windows password to change it with new password.

If your computer do not exist a valid administrator account, you should go on reading the methods below.


Practical Method 2: Unlock Vista Password with Reset Disk

This method need you have created a reset disk before, if you don’t have one, please turn to practical method 3.

Step1: Once you enter the incorrect password, a message will display show you are enter the wrong password, click OK to close the message.

Step2: You can see the prompt “Reset password”, click it and insert your password reset disk.

Step3: Follow password reset wizard instructions to create a new password.

Step4: Log on with the new password. If you forget your password again, you can use the same password reset disk to reset password.


Practical Method 3: Unlock Vista Password with Windows Password Reset

Use windows password reset tool is the fastest and most practical method, I have tried several windows password reset tools, I think the Windows Password Reset is the best. It can unlock your forgotten windows Vista password easily and safely, and just need 3 steps.

Step1: Use other computer to download Windows Password Reset and install it.

Step2: Insert CD/DVD or USB disk into the computer, burn Windows Password Reset to CD/DVD or USB.

Step3: Put in your newly created CD/DVD, or USB into the computer you want to reset password, then follow the directions to remove your vista windows password.



These ways come into being through my practiced for some time. In the three practical ways, always one can help you to unlock your Vista password.

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