Three Solutions Help to Reset Windows XP Password

Nowadays, more and more people value the privacy in daily life and work, the method they use to protect it is apply a password. One of the exemplifications is computer users like to set an account and password to prevent others accessing their computer without permission. And the trouble comes along, that is they easy to lose their windows password and can’t log on the computer. Here, take the Windows XP for example, I will tell three solutions about how to reset Windows XP password.


Solution 1: Use Windows password reset disk.

If you have created a Windows password reset disk, it is the first choice we use to reset windows password. Here are the detailed instructions:

Step1: When you log on with enter the wrong password, Windows will display a warn message point out your password is wrong, Just click OK to close the message box.

Step2: Insert your Windows password reset disk right now after click Reset Windows Password.

Step3: Then, just follow the steps of Password Reset Wizard to create a new and easy to remember password.

Step4: Log on with the new password.

Not only Windows XP password suitable this method, but also support Windows 7, Windows Vista.


Solution 2: Reset in safe mode.

As we know, many windows problem we can’ solve in the normal mode will try to solve in safe mode, and the windows password reset is the same. The method bellow teaches you reset in safe mode step by step.

Step1: Restart your computer, and keep pressing F8 or Del before Windows XP loads, and then select safe mode to enter.

Step2: Then default administrator account would appear in the login screen, click the account and enter the system.

Step3: As have entered the windows, you can change your other account password in the Control Panel like in the normal situation.

When all have done, restart your computer, using the newly created password to log in.


Solution 3: Adopt Windows Password Reset.

Adopt windows password reset software is the fastest and assured way. There, I recommend Windows Password Reset, it can reset your forgotten windows easily and safely. Before reset your windows password, you should have a computer that can link with the Internet, prepare a CD/DVD, or USB, then download the software Windows Password Reset.

Once you have done follow the instructions above, you can start to reset your password.

Step1: Run the downloaded file to install Windows Password Reset on the computer that not the one you lock.

Step2: Burn Windows Password Reset ISO file to CD/DVD, or USB.

Step3: Insert newly created CD/DVD, or USB, and reboot your computer, there, you should pay attention to change your computer’s setting to make it boot from the CD/DVD, or USB, then remove the windows password you want.

Step4: Follow the prompt step by step to reset the account you forgot the password.

In the end, restart the computer, you will log on without password.


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