Useful Windows Password Reset Tool Recommended

Using Windows password reset software is a very simple and effective way to reset forgotten Windows password.
Windows might be one of the most reliable and effective operating system ever created, but there are many people who forget their Windows password and consequently end up not being able to log into their Windows computer. This could be a very big problem since it probably makes your entire PC useless.
Thankfully, there is a very easy utility to reset the forgotten Windows password and rescue the locked computer— Windows password reset tool.

If you search for “Windows password reset tool” in Google or Yahoo etc, you will find there are many Windows password reset tools. Among them, some are free and some are commercial. In the following, I will show you some good Windows password reset utility both free and commercial.

  1. Windows Password Reset Std

Windows Password Reset Std is a professional Windows password reset software program to help you reset or remove forgotten password on any Windows operating system. It allows you to burn a Windows password reset disk to reset the password and this disk can be used for the same purpose in the future as well. Simple operation and high efficiency are what this tool was developed for. Now let’s see how this tool could reset Windows password so easily.

Here’s how Windows Password Reset Std Works:
Step1: Download and install. Free download, install and run Windows Password Reset Std to an accessible computer. (Not the locked computer)
Step2: Burn a Windows password reset disk. Insert a blank and writable CD/DVD to the computer and clicking “Burn CD/DVD” to start burning a password reset disk. Once the burning finishes, take out the CD/DVD. Then a Windows password reset disk has been made.
Step3: Start Windows password reset with disk. Insert the burned CD/DVD to the target PC and set this PC boot from CD/DVD. After that, start to reset or remove forgotten Windows password with the burned reset disk in 2 clicks.

2. Windows Password Reset Deluxe.

Like Windows Password Reset Std, Windows Password Reset Deluxe is also a useful software to reset forgotten Windows password. But one thing different from Std version, this Deluxe version has more powerful functions, that means it cannot only reset Windows local password but also Windows domain password. For how to reset Windows local or domain password with this Deluxe version, you can view it at:
The whole process is similar to Windows Password Reset Std.

3. Ophcrack

The Ophcrack is one of the best free Windows password reset utility. You just need to visit the site, download the free ISO image, burn it to a CD and boot from the CD. The Ophcrack program will start, locate the Windows user accounts, and proceeds to crack the passwords – all by itself. Ophcrack supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows XP. However, the disadvantage is that some complicated, long passwords cannot be cracked.

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