VPN: offers the security levels for data transmission

Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology has become the technology of choice because of the security levels, it provides for data transmission.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology has become the technology of choice because it offers the security levels for data transmission. VPNs are primarily the expansion of private networks with links through a joint public telecommunication infrastructure, such as the Internet. emulate in a data VPN between two computers over the public network to a transfer from point to point. Data packets are encrypted and decrypted with the topic at the reception. Through encryption and authentication of IP packets across VPN, data, even if intercepted, deciphered without the key impossible for hackers. VPN technology to ensure security and privacy using tunneling protocols and security procedures. In a VPN, LAN, VPN can take different forms through the combination of hardware and software technologies. LAN VPN connection between a remote LAN (LAN) and a private network. . VPN systems work in different environments and technologies related to security solutions.

A virtual private network (VPN) can be either remote access or site-to-site network – whatever the case, a specific develop software and hardware must be a VPN. A VPN router is designed for scalability, routing, security and service quality. This equipment is usually on the Cisco IOS-based VPN – you can find many routers to the needs of different networks. Small office use, as well as large enterprises. VPNs are used to leading agencies and jobs and a home network for various purposes. The type of software that you implement depends on the nature of the network build. Most networks use a Cisco VPN client software and Cisco for compatibility. Regardless of the VPN client you are using an SSL certificate must be configured to operate as efficiently as possible and appropriate security measures to protect the dissemination of data.

In very simple terms used to refer to VPN remote access an intranet, and to encourage connections between multiple intranets within an organization. VPNs are also used to form networks between the two organizations eventually join an extranet. The benefits of VPN • The through multiple access technologies such as wireless and • VPN Router to eliminate routing congestion and headache can be connected easily facilitate the secure connection of remote users and road warriors

• Still sure that your existing solutions extended •

the current connection

• Provision of broadband compatibility

You • Faster ROI (Return on Investment) that can Traditional WAN

A VPN supports at least three different modes:

The remote access client connections LAN connections from local networks of controlled access within an intranet VPN technology


several network protocols have become popular because of the evolution of VPN:


These protocols emphasize SOCKS authentication and encryption for VPNs. On Authentication allows VPN clients and servers correctly determined the identity of the people on the network.

Cisco VPN

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