Why are hackers targeting the Sony company?

More Sony Computer Sites Hit By Hackers

Sony, which hasn’t fully recovered from hacker attacks on its PlayStation and other networks last month, has suffered another cyber attack.

The company has confirmed that it has been forced to close its Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications shopping site in Canada after hackers broke in and made off with personal data on about 2,000 shoppers.

Some of that data has reportedly been made public, in online postings.

Sony has also taken two other company sites offline. It says a site in Thailand may have been infected with malicious code, designed to send out phony emails. Sony suspect similar attacks have occurred with one of the company’s Indonesian properties.

Who’s the hacker?

It’s not clear who is behind the attacks and whether they are being done by the same group. Daily Tech reports that a Lebanese hacking group is claiming responsibility, but it’s unclear what the motive is. According to the publication, the hackers said they could have stolen customers’ credit card information, but didn’t.

Sony revealed April 27 that hackers stole profiles of its 77 million PlayStation users, including name, full address, country, email, date of birth and PlayStation Network login and password. At the time, Sony said it could not rule out the possibility that hackers got access to customers’ credit card information.

Ready for prime time?

On May 14 Sony began the relaunch of the PlayStation network in much of the world, with one notable exception. The government of Japan refused to sign off on authority for Sony to bring the network back up.

The Dow Jones News Service quoted a Japanese Economic Ministry official as saying Sony was “incomplete” in setting up new security measured it had promised in the wake of the hack. Sony, however, said it was good enough.

“The company has made considerable enhancements to the data security, including updating and adding advanced security technologies; additional software monitoring and penetration and vulnerability testing; and increased levels of encryption and additional firewalls,” Sony said in a statement at the time.

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