Windows 8 vs Windows 7: Top 8 Features That Will Be Gone

The release of Windows 8 is a more significant event than the launch of Windows 7, both for Microsoft and for the industry as a whole. It might be the most polarizing product that Microsoft has ever introduced. The key enhancements like Metro design, Windows Store, fast boot are now well known to most PC users! In fact, Windows 8 is popular not only for its new features, but for the removal of some old options which have been a flagship of Windows OS for years. Important or not so, these features are no longer available. So think twice before upgrading to Win 8 if you still miss them.

windows 8 vs windows 7

1. Start Button

The Start button allows users to access their computer programs or configure Microsoft Windows easily, which was first introduced with the release of Microsoft Windows 95 and found with all future releases of Microsoft Windows up to Windows 8. Clicking the Start button opens the Start Menu, which gives access to all the programs installed on the computer, search, run, access to the Control Panel, and documents. However, in Windows 8, the Start button has been replaced by the Start Screen.

Start Button

2. Start Menu

The Start menu has also been removed in favor of a full screen interface called the Start screen that uses dynamic tiles instead of static computer icons. It’s accessible as a hotspot in the lower left corner of the screen, via the Windows key, and on the charms bar.

start menu

3. Aero Glass

The Aero Glass theme, the graphical centerpiece of Windows 7, has been completely removed from Windows 8 in favor of a Metro-style theme.

Aero Glass

4. Flip 3D

Together with Aero theme, Microsoft abandons Flip 3D windows switching (WinKey+Tab). This wasn’t actually the popular feature among Windows users, still it looked cool and stylish. In Windows 8, Flip 3D is replaced with a Modern UI app switcher, accessible by moving mouse up from the bottom-left corner or down from the upper-left corner. This can’t be used for desktop apps, only to switch to the desktop.

Flip 3D

5. Windows Desktop Gadgets

Windows Desktop Gadgets

Popular desktop widgets like Calendar, Clock, Contacts, Currency Conversion, Feed Headlines, Notes, Stocks, Weather, etc, is no longer available as a part of Windows sidebar.

6. Update Notifications

On current Windows versions, we are informed about updates through a system tray icon and notification balloons. On Windows 8, these update notifications will no longer appear on the desktop. All Windows-Update-related messages will be shown on the login and lock screens, so you might not even see them if you automatically log into your PC.

Update Notifications

7. Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center won’t be included by default in any version of Windows 8, since it’s used by so few people. Still the Media Center will be available as a paid add-on to Windows 8 Pro.

Windows Media Center

8. Windows Backup and Restore

The Backup and Restore feature that allows users to create system and files backups and restore from them has been replaced by a new feature called File History. Still this new option will provide only file-based backup, since system backup is underused in currant Windows versions.

Windows Backup and Restore

As it’s clear from the list, most Windows 7 features described above don’t completely disappear in Windows 8, they are just replaced by the new modified ones. We hope that these changes are well thought out and caused by new technology standards. Farewell, Windows 7! Good luck, Windows 8! Hope you get used of new features on Windows 8! If you come cross any forgotten 8 Windows password issue, you can try to crack Windows 8 password in free way.


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