Windows Password Recovery – How to Recover Lost Windows 8/7/XP/Vista Password?

How often do you buy a new computer, once a year or twice a year? For what reason do you change it, broken down or like the new computer very often? Believe it or not, I have changed many computers for four years. And to be honest, the story of my experience about computers is a long story. But I can tell you and make it shorten.

Windows Vista Clear Main LoginThe first computer I got was an old one from my dad. He loved to study computer systems, especially the Windows OS. However, at that time the Microsoft Windows XP appeared on the market, so he gave his Windows Vista machine to me, I thought it was very old, but still could start and saw the welcome screen, and indeed I needed a computer to help me with my study, so I accept the Windows Vista computer. But there was a problem that he couldn’t remember the system power-on password and both of us had no Windows Vista password recovery tool, so I had no opportunity to use it.

winxpproMy second computer was a second hand desktop. It ran on Windows XP and I got it from my brother. When he was in the university at that time, he would like to buy a new Windows 7 laptop, so he asked me whether I wanted the XP computer or not, I thought it was better than no, consequently I decided to use his desktop first. However, he didn’t tell me that the login password was lost, so when I received it, which was send from New Jersey, I couldn’t start the desktop! Oh shit! It was the second time for me to face this problem! I had no any Windows XP password recovery method so I quit it!

windows-7-login-screenMy third computer was a new Windows 7 laptop and I bought it from Amazon. I thought I was lucky enough because it was cheaper than any other shop and I could save much money. I loved it very much and had used it for two years. However, the same problem came back! I created a password on it and for some reasons I forgot the password! Did my family have a bad memory? Why me? Oh I couldn’t believe it! Is there any means to remove or recover it, like the Windows 7 password recovery tool? This time I had no way to stand aside and left the machine alone. I thought I had to search online and found out the solution! And finally I got one of those tools named SmartKey Windows Password Recovery. The description about it as below.

SmartKey Windows Password Recovery is a powerful Windows password recovery program for anyone who lost Windows password or Windows admin password. It can crack all the versions about Windows Server, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and even Windows 8. With this tool you have no worrying about forgetting Windows password. What’s more, the operation sequence is so easy that you can know it in a glance. Now let’s see how to use it.


How to recover lost Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/Server password when you can’t find password of your computer? Don’t worry and keep calm, you can totally reset it by yourself. Here is how:

Step 1: Download it from and then install it to another unlocked machine.

Step 2: Insert your CD/DVD/USB to the unlocked machine and burn it as a reset disk.

Step 3: Take the CD/DVD/USB to the locked computer and recover the password with it. Then restart your computer, you will login your laptop or desktop without passwords.

Although now my laptop is running on Windows 8, but I have tried to lock it on purpose and utilize it to bypass my password, it works! Thanks a lot to this Windows password recovery software! If you lose your Windows password, you can believe this program and recover your lost password with it!

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